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Rozen Maiden
Канцлер Ги - Страшная …
Story, Trailer
Breaking Benjamin - Dark
Gatchaman Crowds
Miracle of Sound - Get the Gang Back
The decisive voting of AKROSS Con 2012 has begun.

All finalists must vote (in "Participant's Panel") until January, 12 (15:00 GMT). Please note, your video will get penalty points if you'll miss the deadline (regardless the reasons)!

The winners in all nominations of AKROSS Con 2012 contest will be announced on January, 15.
By the results of viewers' voting, videos of Benreparn, Cenit, EllipseIris, Kain-x-Spirits, Luciole, MagicDarkLight, TritioAFB, and [69] will fill vacant 8 places in the finals.

To all finalists we remind that final voting will begin on January, 8 (in your "Participant's Panel") and you must view all (70) videos from "Group A" before you may vote.
The viewers' voting for additional 8 finalists has begun. You may vote for your favorite videos from "Group B" (up to 10) on this page (you must be registered user to participate!).

The voting will last until January, 5.
By the decision of AKROSS Con 2012 Hosting Committee, 62 editors have been appointed for the contest finals:

-Cross-, AimoAio, AniPAL Studios, AxisPOV, Bea$t, Bluuwy, cecco, Centurione, Chono & Yuzuki, Daaf, De29v101L & Sintara, Deidara94, DigiCat, Dilemma, DistrixAMV, Dn@, drewaconclusion, Echotrooper, Emong, Fynjy, gabbermd, Gattino, Hikado95, hiroki_999, horizon-ext, I-N0, JadeCharm, JazzsVids, John, JustRukia, Kaito, Kimihairu, KenjiKyou, kis@, kyle_m, liuce, mastamind, Megamen, MentalTsui, Minako, monialiskaAMV, Mosaic, NightSlayer, Okami, Realibel, Rebelion, RiceAMV, S.A. Robert, SachaValentine, Scittalec, SelfishPromise, Seliafel, Shinzo, TARI-blue, Tayo, Uk@R, Umika, xDreww, XIII, ZEVS1993, [key]Scarlet, [madaraxD] (MEP).

Our congratulations to the editors who made it to the finals!

To those who did not get there directly we remind that you still have chances to fill one of 8 vacant places after the viewers' vote on the site (January, 2).
Today, AKROSS project celebrate its 10th Anniversary! Happy Birthday to us! ::)
Attention Participants! Key dates of the contest has been adjusted:

Registration deadline - December, 10.
Deadline for entering video's info in "Participant's Panel" - December, 15.
Deadline for uploading and technical checks - December, 20.
Qualifications for the finals ("A" group) - December, 26 (all videos that have not passed technical checks (regardless of the reason) by December, 20, will be assigned to "B" group automatically).
Viewers Vote for additional finalists - January, 2-5.
Finalists Vote - January, 8-12.
"Viewers Choice" Vote - January, 12-15.
Winners Announcement - January, 15.
Display period of "AKROSS Con 2012" contest has been started and will last for next two months. Every day new contest videos will be premiered on our site. Watch and leave your comments!

Please, DO NOT upload AKROSS Con 2012 videos anywhere else (especially, YouTube) before the end of the contest. We consider such action as a thievery.
AMV contest "AKROSS Con 2012" has been officially opened. Participants may register on the main page (please note you must register on site and/or log in into your account, before you can register for participation on contest).
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