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Sutrue  [ Sutrue ]
Location:Jiaozuo, China
Video: Bakemonogatari
Audio: Bruno Mars - Treasure
Genre: Romance, Fun
Length: 1:54
Added: 14.01.2016
Viewed: 57542
Author's Commentary
This is my first time to take part in AKROSS, im very very excited , and i hope you enjoy~
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Viewers Comments (total: 52)
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 anh-taiii (16 October 2016, 05:49)     
 Kvant (28 April 2016, 12:00)     
Очень даже симпатичная зарисовочка. Сделано добротно-аккуратно, в этом смысле радует глаз.
Однако романтики в работе Я толком не углядел вообще, не то что "лучшей на коне".
 777lexa777 (23 March 2016, 21:56)     
чётенько. оч понравилось!
давно ничего такого не смотрел.
 DEDninja (20 March 2016, 02:11)    
Превосходно!! Мои поздравления в номинации!
Ждем от автора еще больше таких же прекрасных и креативных клипов!
Чистая 10/10
 Sutrue (11 Febuary 2016, 15:11)      
» lolligerjoj
oh~ it's my honor that you like it. I'm very very like your "INTO THE LABYRINTH". and TAN(X) (although I‘m not very clear)

Added (after 3 min. and 49 sec.):

» Strat
thx~ your Beat O'clock is also pretty good, I think that it could be the best dance.
 Strat (11 Febuary 2016, 14:00)     
One of my favourites sutrue :) 10/10
 lolligerjoj (11 Febuary 2016, 13:44)      
Might be my favorite video in this contest. Absolutely flawless realization of dynamics and tone. The creative compositing is just a celebration to look at.
It's fucking great.
 Sutrue (09 Febuary 2016, 17:09)      
» AceD
oh... it's a pity, it seems that you have a bad experience about this song. I like this song very much.

Added (after 2 min. and 6 sec.):

thanks to all of your comments~
 AceD (07 Febuary 2016, 23:53)    
Ahhh it's cool work...but It's very rare I can't watch an amv because of the song...but this was it :lol: . My level of hate for this song knows no bounds.
 Cenit (07 Febuary 2016, 20:35)      
Imho the best video of this years Akross or at least a close tie with "Within". Great to see something exiting and fresh done with the overused anime for once. Good luck!
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