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Mr.Memory  [ Mr.Memory ]
Страна:Xian, Китай
Видео: Микс [ Another, Hyouka, Guilty Crown, Hanasaku Iroha, Kyokai no Kanata, Plastic Memories, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru ]
Музыка: Nightcall - Dead V
Жанр: Story, Drama
Время: 4:03
Добавлен: 01.12.2016
Просмотров: 29550
Комментарий автора
Hello AKROSS! This is Mr.Memory from China. It’s my first time to take part in a video competition and it’s also my first attempt to make a crossover.
My love for AMV and MAD first appeared after I saw reAct’s third chapter: A psalm for kings in February 2015. At that time I was in Grade 8 and I started by making 4 or 5 videos only using Vegas. I got to know AMVs better and saw Umika’s videos for the first time in June. They inspired me a lot and the idea of making a crossover arisen in my mind. I wanted to make high quality videos, using more than just simple edits, so I started to learn software like After Effects and Premiere.
After I entered Grade 9 in September 2015, I had to prepare for the graduation test of junior school (which we call Zhongkao in China), so I didn’t have time to make videos. Over the year of Grade 9, I created my storyboard, searched for anime and music clips, and watched a lot of tutorials. I also got advice and encouragement from reAct.
The last semester of Grade 9 started at this years’ February 16th, the same day as Umika’s funeral. I cried and had a much stronger urge of making the crossover I planned. I got a good score in the graduation test and successfully received the offer of high school in July. Afterwards I went straight to Shenzhen to meet reAct in person. We had a lot of fun and discussed my crossover and AMVs deeply. In August I did more research and found inspiration from Umika’s “Sincerity”, Darkcat’s “Crossing” and Kunqu’s tutorials. By the time high school started in September I had finished all the preparation work and started to make the AMV.
“Another” was the first anime I watched, it feels good to look back in time and be myself. In the past few months, a lot of authors and friends helped me and gave me advice during the making of this video, especially reAct. I am very excited to enter this contest as a Chinese and compete against contestants from all over the world. I want to thank everyone who helped me and also to you for taking your time to read this and support my AMV!
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 37)
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 MrNosec (04 декабря 2016, 18:52)      
Although teen-drama-crossovers are starting to get a little stale at this point, as I personally felt a sense of deja vu throughout the whole video, I can clearly tell that quite alot of effort was put into this and that is indeed praiseworthy.

I don't think this video benefited from the use of motion interpolation at all, as most scenes don't justify it's use and the interpolation artifacts are very distracting, deleting the repeated frames OR setting the correct input frame rate for twixtor (usually 23,976/2 or 23,976/3 but it could vary even in the same scene) should do the trick and avoid the constant stuttering.
Also consider not using interpolation over a segment where scenes change or this (the gif below) happens (this could have been intentional to work as a transition..?)

Yes some effects feel overdone and uncalled for, this isn't a bad video but it's not great either, I suspect you have tons of potential but I just can't judge it properly because I find it hard to enjoy, maybe due to my personal preferences. But as you said in previous replies, " More will be improved in the future! ", so good luck in the contest and on future projects.
 Mr.Memory (04 декабря 2016, 18:48)      
» Axiles
Thanks! More will be improved in the future!

Added (after 12 min. and 13 sec.):

» frosta
Yeah, Idid notice the blur effects was kind of overused in the first minute of the video. The making of the clock scenes did took a lot of time. They were made by only using shape layers in After Effects. My project files were destroyed in the middle of making the clock sceen because of power failure. It took a whole week for me to remake the clock sceen. But this final version added a lot more details than the one before. Thanks for liking it! :smile:

Added (after 44 min. and 57 sec.):

» hnscby6
Hi PikaPika! It’s great to see you in the comments section.我觉得特效用的多余这一评论不太恰当,不如说我的特效没能与剪辑很好的磨合在一起。作为首次比赛我自己还挺满足的。前面的补帧特效有的作者赞成有的作者反对。我自己思考很久后还是决定使用这一特效来契合前期舒缓的背景音乐。后面的一些静止系分镜以及时钟特效是为了与作品照应才做的。时钟分镜花费的时间精力较多。最后时钟倒转并破碎一方面与回忆片段对应,另一方面象征男女主的关系的彻底破碎。但总之非常感谢你的评论!以后还会做下去,参加更多比赛,当然也会不断进步的。Thanks! :smile:
 hnscby6 (04 декабря 2016, 17:43)      
Many unnecessary effects :sad: 5/10
 frosta (04 декабря 2016, 16:45)    
ouahhhh ..... very nice amv ! I really appreciated it really for me it was a good amv because it told a clear story and you handled very good in your scene selection and the overall synchronisaton with the music and the after effects effects like the clock was just very good....

BUT some effects were in my opinion overused....

Credits were awesome but a little english subtitle would had been appreciated but really alll in all very good

You rox and keep it up ! good luck in the contest and i hope to see you in the finals!
 Axiles (04 декабря 2016, 16:14)    

technics is very lame
P.S: poster and titles good
 Mr.Memory (04 декабря 2016, 14:44)      
The story was originally planned to tell the audience that the girl with red pony tails was furious about the boy cheating on her, who set the fire and lead to a series of explosions. But I must have failed to send this information to you because few of my friends who watched this didn’t know why things suddenly start to explode. Hope you like the other parts, and please leave comments below to point out the parts that can be improved. :wink:

Added (after 10 min. and 6 sec.):

» DirtyLoli
Thanks! There is still a lot more to improve! I will put more effort in the future videos!
 DirtyLoli (04 декабря 2016, 13:32)    
ITS SO COOL :inlove: :inlove: 10
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