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Location:Bucharest, Romania
Video: Grave of the Fireflies
Audio: Röyksopp - Triumphant
Genre: Drama
Length: 3:02
Added: 20.12.2016
Viewed: 1593
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 ICEberg (16 January 2017, 19:24)     
формальные признаки мелодрамы имеются
история раскрыта
атмосфера присутствует
но где тут драма?
классический трейлер - ибо просто краткий пересказ канона

зачем вертикальные поля в начале?
вот за разноаспектные исходники и необрезанные вертикальные поля сразу -5 технике
 ZoroIttoryu (11 January 2017, 22:55)     
Didnt like some ''laggy type" scenes but it was a good video overall
Good job.
 Maniaki (11 January 2017, 21:38)      
Pretty cool, but to me for it to be perfectly wrapped story-wise, it had to have more leaner plot or bit more constructed scenes. good luck, I enjoyed it.
 Людвиг (10 January 2017, 15:46)    
Мне,очень понравилось!
 Almarcis (09 January 2017, 09:07)     
Projects like this one keep me loving this little world.
 Kvant (06 January 2017, 03:10)     
Старая пластинка на новый лад.
Сделано, конечно, очень круто и технично. М\в приятное получилось. Но всё равно, как по мне, клип на один раз. Скорее тыкну кого-нибудь идти смотреть, (что бы показать "как надо" или кто "Могилу светлячков" очень любит), нежели стану пересматривать сам.
 AnimeFanaticBoy (04 January 2017, 19:12)     
Not sure why I feel something is missing here. Although this has a mood
 777lexa777 (02 January 2017, 18:45)     

 dumtumdum (02 January 2017, 16:52)    
very good :tu:
 buggy (02 January 2017, 02:39)      
» PieandBeer
it's alright, it's probably more the twixtor that makes you compare it to lolli's amv, and i was expecting that. i had to use it more like a tool than as a way to make it smoother because i needed to manipulate time..i really don't care about making 60fps amvs, it limits your scene selection, but it was almost mandatory with what i wanted to do
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