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Axel d'Arc  [ Axel d'Arc ]
Страна:Constanta, Румыния
Студия:Kureiji Unit
Видео: Kubikiri Cycle: Aoiro Savant to Zaregoto Tsukai
Музыка: Midnight Syndicate - Grisly Reminder
Жанр: Thriller
Время: 2:08
Добавлен: 27.12.2016
Просмотров: 20058
Комментарий автора
If you are expecting this video to make sense,don't ! It's nonsense after all.Well i started this project two days ago and since i finished i said to myself "Why not register it in a contest ?",and here i am typing my commentary.The name of the series in Japanese is Zaregoto which translates to nonsense,the text you see at the beginning of the video is from "To See a World..." by William Blake,it's a poetry which i first saw in the trailer of Death Stranding,the new game Kojima is making,so yeah that's the concept behind it,pretty simple same as the video haha.That's all i guess.
Happy holidays everyone,and i hope you will enjoy the video !
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 31)
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 Axel d'Arc (05 января 2017, 01:01)     
» Axiles
If you don't know what you just watched then the video did it's job haha xD

» MrNosec
Thank you very much Mister :cool:
 MrNosec (04 января 2017, 22:28)      
Well, it can't be a bad AMV if it made me want to watch the show right after finishing the video, gg wp :cool:
 Axiles (04 января 2017, 20:20)    
в чем суть?
titres are very bad
 AnimeFanaticBoy (04 января 2017, 19:23)     
There's not really a plot but you alreqdy said its nonsense so its ok. The source makes this interesting to watch
 Axel d'Arc (04 января 2017, 17:44)     
» AnimeFanaticBoy
Yes it is new and it's also from the person that wrote Monogatari, this is his first work. So if you saw Monogatari you know what to expect xD,tho it comes out once a month and it has two episodes until now,there will be 8 in total and okey xD
 AnimeFanaticBoy (04 января 2017, 17:14)     
Im curious about this anime. Is it new?

Will take a look later to the amv :wink:
 MesoGear (04 января 2017, 16:48)     
По первым впечатлениям, довольно приятная работы, надо будет потом еще пересмотреть, дабы сформировать более целостное мнение о клипе.
 Axel d'Arc (04 января 2017, 15:59)     
» leolide
Thank you Leolide-kun :cool: *dabs*
 leolide (04 января 2017, 15:56)      
i will gib u a 10/10 would bang cuz u used zaregoto lol :cool:
 Axel d'Arc (04 января 2017, 15:52)     
» AiaSnTropeaS
Haha,yeah it was xD
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