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XT-ordinator  [ 协调人 ]
Страна:Chongqing, Китай
Видео: Kyoukai no Kanata
Музыка: T-Mass - Drink Over You (ft. Y.A.S)
Жанр: Sentimental, Story, Action
Время: 1:49
Добавлен: 01.01.2017
Просмотров: 21885
Комментарий автора
Take part in this kind of competition for the first time,really took a lot of energy to do it.Hope I can get a wonderful comment.(And really thank you,Mr.Lang Kun)
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 13)
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 Axiles (08 января 2017, 20:49)    
 NIGHT (08 января 2017, 14:37)      
В целом неплохо.
 Leegf (08 января 2017, 12:50)    
Every time I see new Kyoukai no Kanata amv:

You Are, The Worst of My Enemies
Too Much, Never Know When It's Enough

You went way too overboard with effects. It feels dirty.
I don't see a reason at changing style of typography few times in a row. Speaking more precisely, I don't see a reason at using typography here at all.
Despite that fact part 0:55-1:15 has several repetitive scenes(I wonder why you were so lazy) I liked it most. Lip sync 1:05 is sweet.
Generally, I didn't it like but you've got some skills. You just gotta polish them in right direction.
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