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KAquarius  [ KAquarius ]
Location:Shaoxing, China
Studio:Ye Mad Team
Video: Various [ Made in Abyss, Gamers!, Steins;Gate, Tales of Symphonia, Chain Chronicle - Haecceitas no Hikari, Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi, Tokyo Ghoul, Black Clover, Tales of Berseria, Terror in Resonance, Ao no Exorcist, Tales of Xillia 2, Fate kaleid liner Prisma Illya Oath Under Snow, Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau, Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou ]
Audio: Alana Lee - Perfect Storm
Genre: Drama, Sentimental, Character Profile
Length: 3:00
Added: 01.12.2017
Viewed: 794
Author's Commentary
Hi,folks.This is my first time in Akross.
I very like the story of nanachi so I made this amv to explain the original plot in a personal perspective.
Although some people are dead,the adventures is not over.Time passes and nature is very cruel but attractive and beautiful.
The latter pick up the hope of the dead former.
Hope you enjoy it!
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Viewers Comments (total: 7)
 Jet (12 December 2017, 05:30)     
This seems exceptionally well made. Weird writings aside. But small kids put together with that bright front and pop music are just ugh.
 NIGHT (11 December 2017, 19:51)      
Надписи не нужны: 01:45, 02:03, 02:04.
А так - неплохо.
 kain4ig (09 December 2017, 16:51)     
М/В понравилось, но больше сам трек он реально тут вывозит, даже чем-то эмоционально, напоминает умику. (Вижу это в припеве). Но все же не дотягивает, до того уровня, спасибо, за трек я его себе скачал. Хорошо получилось good luck in contest.
 EVOsvik (08 December 2017, 00:40)     
По мне так истории нет...но и в жанре не написано стори...упор шол на красивые кадры...
 Axiles (07 December 2017, 21:42)    
» Death_Kn1ght
вроде все понятно, история о дружбе
 Death_Kn1ght (07 December 2017, 18:01)      
Миллион лишних фильтров, которые тут нафиг не нужны. М/В так себе, очень на любителя. По содержанию вообще не понял , о чём это было.
Не моё, увы.
 KiyoT (07 December 2017, 14:05)      
The beginning seems to have attracted me. I thought this was the best drama from the beginning so far, but seem you have the same problem as me last year : "try to use many anime sources but really It's not necessary at all".. Finally, I understand the story, Nice amv and Good luck . :smile:
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