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Miso  [ Miso ]
Location:Linz, Austria
Video: Kuzu no Honkai
Audio: Blueneck - Lilitu
Genre: Sentimental, Drama, Story
Length: 3:53
Added: 04.01.2018
Viewed: 1068
Author's Commentary
Although it took long time to decide in what direction i want go, means what genre, Anime, music etc...but in the end... I selected a similar kind which i used last times.
I´m not real fan from Anime, but I liked the story and the atmosphere in it...
Story: I reflected a bit different the original Story...In short, the guy loves a woman secretly and they spent a lot of time together ....but he knows that she has a friend on her side...and for the other girl he hasn´t the same feeling.
My visual idea behind, ...the grey/black/white coloring stands for his loneliness and frustration and on the other hand the normal/warm colors shows his minds and dreams with her.
have fun
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Viewers Comments (total: 16)
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 leolide (17 January 2018, 07:30)      
kein vhs
 777lexa777 (16 January 2018, 22:47)     
 Death_Kn1ght (10 January 2018, 17:04)      
За этим ЦК и Брайтнессом разглядеть что-то крайне трудно, я вот понял только что кун весь клип осемяняет девочку, местами показывают другую девочку, которая тут как-то для мебели вообще. Драмы и стори не понял. В остальном неплохо, хорошая атмосфера и годное м/в.
 Miso (09 January 2018, 19:50)      
» dumtumdum
thx man

» KazeShin
thx for honest meaning

» Kvant
um...need translater xD, really, I´m thanksful for your opinion and perception...
and for your last tip :smile:
 Kvant (09 January 2018, 08:26)     
Довольно круто :tu:
Стилистика очень нравится. Атмосфера тоже, хотя она какая-то мутная, Я пока не могу её для себя как-либо обозначить, возможно как переходящую, из условно романтической в условно драматическую. В сюжетную линию Я пока не вник, (но на первом просмотре Я почти никогда не догоняю :smile: ), есть повод пересмотреть клип, желание тоже...
 Axiles (08 January 2018, 23:42)    
 KazeShin (08 January 2018, 21:08)     
I kinda agree with Artofeel there is lot of mistakes in this video but to be honest it's pleasant to watch and it has a great atmosphere
 Miso (08 January 2018, 20:22)      
thanks much for your all kind words and that it appeals to you : ) I´m glad that you share the point of view, I tried to tell.
it makes me happy...but it is far away from a masterpiece.. for me xD

» Kroner
I know tthere are some bright scenes, but that´s my intentions and also my beautiful corners. And you´re right, the song is slow and without big climax, that´s typical of that kind of this music genre...but this song regive all my minds to create the visuals and the atmosphere. Certainly, thx for your interest... I regard it higly

» Artofeel
Doubtless, I know there are some tech errors...Well spotted! For me alone, my ultimate goal at this AMV was to show the significance and the atmosphere. At least...i could pointed with the atmosphere at you.
Thx for your advice, but it is my business to write my minds in MY author comment.
But thanks for all the hints and recommendations.
 MesoGear (08 January 2018, 17:21)     
Какой-то пересвеченный спермотоксикоз с хроматическими аберациями...

Ну технически вроде неплохо, кроме этого убого пересвета

 dumtumdum (08 January 2018, 16:18)    
good work
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