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 15 August 2019  
AKROSS project officially announce 18th International AMV Contest "AKROSS Con 2019"!

Any editor can participate, but only videos never displayed before will be accepted. Registration will begin on September, 15. Approximate deadline for entries - December, 1.

Our special thanks to users who made this year's contest possible with their donations: NIGHT, AyAto, Fynjy, JustRukia, Sowlonya_CheS.
 1 February 2019  
AKROSS Con 2018 contest is officially over! By the results of finalists' vote, the best videos of this year's contest are:

1. Ridiculous - BIPOLAR
2. DamnKazu - Can't Hold Us
3. Radical Dreamer - Our Fate

The winner of "Viewers' Choice" prize:

Magikarp - My Lucky Strike

"AKROSS Prize" is awarded to:

Mari - True Love

You may find on our site the detailed statistics, full winners list, and traditional opinions of finalists about videos and contest.

We would like to thank all participants, viewers, and commenters!

Our very special thanks goes to users Fynjy, Alexboy, Rick Junker, Cegan, gangrell, -Px-, Sowlonya_CheS, Davide_hxc, and S†eelshine, whose generous donations made this year's contest possible.
 31 January 2019  
After counting all finalists' votes we discovered that the gap in points between 2 best videos in main category is less than 1 full vote. In accordance with contest rules, we started additional vote to determine the ultimate winner of AKROSS Con 2018. We ask all finalists to make your final choice in "Participant's Panel" (deadline - February 1st, 10:00 GMT).

Due to additional vote, announcement of winners in all nominations of AKROSS Con 2018 contest postponed to February 1st, 11:00 GMT. Preliminary results can be seen on this page.
 30 January 2019  
The voting for "Viewers' Choice Award" has begun. You may vote for your favorite finalists' videos on this page.

The winners of AKROSS Con 2018 in all categories will be revealed on January 31, 11:00 GMT.
 28 January 2019  
The decisive voting of AKROSS Con 2018 has begun.

All finalists must vote (in "Participant's Panel") until January 30, 21:00 GMT. Please note, your video will get penalty points if you'll miss the deadline (regardless the reasons)!

The winners in all nominations of AKROSS Con 2018 contest will be announced on January, 31.
 26 January 2019  
By the results of viewers' voting, videos of these 5 editors will fill vacant places in the finals:

CacoVenom, DopplerDo, FobosAMV, Oscar, PieandBeer.

To all finalists we remind that final voting will begin on January, 28 (in your "Participant's Panel").
 24 January 2019  
The viewers' voting for additional 5 finalists has begun. You may vote for your favorite videos (up to 10) on this page (you must be registered user to participate).

Results will be announced on January, 26.
 22 January 2019  
By the decision of AKROSS Con 2018 Judging Committee, 40 editors have been appointed for the contest finals:

AoNoFlamez, Arcothy, Azexous, Bimyou, Cegan, Coach, DamnKazu, Davide_hxc, Death_Kn1ght, EnzoAMV, Fataleditz, Giorgi ジオ, Glitzer, Hilary Cullen, IceMooNi, JadeCharm, jinshi, JustRukia, Kawai ishi, Kazumoe, Konst, Kottai, Kroner, MadMegatax, Magikarp, Mari, Miso, muximu, Mycathatesyou69, Not found, Okami & LukeG, okhostok, Orbitchx, PriceQ, Radical Dreamer, rgb, Ridiculous, RoseBeautyDreams, Simfony, UnluckyArtist.

Our congratulations to the editors who made it to the finals!

To those who did not get there directly we remind that you still have chances to fill one of 5 vacant places after the viewers' vote (will begin on January, 24).
Megamen » Aoi's Bassline
Воу воу воу какой чистенький звук. Отлично.
Bea$t » Wrong World
Хорошая попытка, много работы видно, но проблема в том, что её видно ) Сильно инородно выглядит практически вся графика даже в превью. Рендер в титрах тоже грубоватый. В принципе хорошее начало, но ес…
Bea$t » warriors
Трек какой-то вялый и медленный, не хватает размаха и эпика под такой исходник. В остальном всё неплохо, по нынешним меркам наверное даже хорошо. На титры сил не хватило? ))
RafCasarin » Pyramid
lol ???? I get inspired by some scenes, (mrnosec who did the ´´numinous `` work) taught me to do the scene, so I decided to put it on my video with his permission. I trained with Loli…
LionAmv » Wrong World
i like the concept idea of the video, sadly in my opinion, the scene selection, compositing, vfx and song election doesn't quite make it. i can apreciate that it has a lot of work on it, being this th…
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