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The viewers' voting for additional 7 finalists has begun. You may vote for your favorite videos from "Group B" (up to 10) on this page (you must be registered user to participate!).

Results will be announced on February, 3.
By the decision of AKROSS Con 2015 Judging Committee, 48 editors have been appointed for the contest finals:

4x4ezequi, Amanystya and Noor, AntaresHeart07, Azexous, Buggy, Cenit, DaiKunProductions, Darksss 73, Davide_hxc, Derisor, DespairsAbyss, DinAniC, DuczmenAMV, Fury, Grandeeney, GwRosaE, Hlebalolomator, Iren S.S., JOCKER8CLZ, JSK, JustRukia, Kai Ren, Kaito, Kimihairu, kokky, Kurobi, leolide, machina21, Maple, masaka!, MaxotsAmvs, Miso, MrGafudo, Nixanol, Nono, PikaPika, RyanGNR, Sagiki, Sebacarp, Simplyfx, Strat, Sunlight & gabberMD, Sutrue, Tayo, Vax97, yanlihua, ZOD, веЛИКий.

Our congratulations to the editors who made it to the finals!

To those who did not get there directly we remind that you still have chances to fill one of 7 vacant places after the viewers' vote (will begin on February, 1).
Attention Participants! Key dates of final stages of the contest has been adjusted:

Registration deadline - January, 10.
Deadline for entering video's info in "Participant's Panel" - January, 15 (those who will not enter the information will be removed from the list of participants).
Deadline for uploading - January, 20 (all videos that have missed the deadline, will be assigned to "B" group automatically).
Finalists announcement - January, 25 (all videos that have not passed technical checks by January 22 (regardless of the reason), will be assigned to "B" group automatically).
Viewers Vote for additional finalists - February, 1-3.
Finalists Vote - February, 5-8.
"Viewers' Choice" Vote - February, 8-10.
Winners announcement - February, 10.
Display period of "AKROSS Con 2015" contest has been started and will last for next two months. Every day new contest videos will be premiered on our site. Please watch and don't forget to leave your comments!
Being a non-profit fan made project, for the last thirteen years AKROSS has existed only through personal funds of its organizers. Now, due to a number of unfortunate circumstances, keeping the project afloat has become a serious financial challenge for us. So, we decided to launch a fundraising campaign, hoping to find support from editors and viewers who appreciate what we have done and continue to do all these years. You can donate any amount using PayPal:

Please note, regardless of the outcome, the campaign will not affect the AKROSS Con 2015 contest, but will directly influence the fate of the project and AKROSS Con contest in the near future.
AMV contest "AKROSS Con 2015" has been officially opened. Participants may register on the main page (please note you must register on site and log in into your account, before you can register for participation on contest).
AKROSS project officially announce 14th International AMV Contest "AKROSS Con 2015"! The event will be held from October 2015 to January 2016.

Any editor can participate, but only videos never displayed before will be accepted. Official dates and rules will be available at a later time (you may use last year's rules for reference).

Registration will begin on October, 10. Approximate deadline for entries - December, 15.
AKROSS Con 2014 contest is officially over! By the results of finalists' vote, the best videos of this year's contest are:

1. AlchemistEskimo & itsAvient - Eruption
2. Tiny Poet - The Winner
3. ZEVS1993 - Fatal/Game

The winner of "Viewers' Choice" prize:

Okill - Skyfall

"AKROSS Prize" is awarded to:

slimed - Serein

You may find on our site the detailed statistics, full winners list, and traditional opinions of finalists about videos and contest.

Our thanks to all participants, viewers, and commenters!
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