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dydyfredosh  [ dydyfredosh ]
Страна:Paris, Франция
Видео: Микс [ The Animatrix, Darker than Black, Ergo Proxy, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Gankutsuou, Genius Party, Ghost in the Shell, Kara no Kyoukai, Karas, Ken (Raoh Story), Parasite Dolls, Reideen, Read or Die, Tekkon Kinkreet, A Spirit of the Sun ]
Музыка: Bloc Party - Pioneers
Жанр: Story, Action
Время: 3:47
Добавлен: 30.10.2009
Просмотров: 24660
Комментарий автора
first:please comment in english because,i don't understand russian.

in this amv i tried to create a story original.monte cristo wants the end of the humanity,so he sends several terrorists to destroy the world.

first they attack U.S.A.Unfortunately,F.B.I members did not arrive to stop them.Secondly,they attack Japan,but japan secret services succeed to stop them.

Terrorists are dead,monte cristo's project failed,the world is saved.

To complete,I would like to say that there is not political allusions.Of course terrorist attacks shocked and sadden me ,so I wanted to realise in this AMV a happy ending that means the end of Terrorism.

I hope you will understand and appreciate it.
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  AnimeFanaticBoy (10 января 2012, 21:13)  
Only alt works, ok the masks needed a lot of work, but you got a good idea here
  Ichizon (24 ноября 2010, 11:39)  
Хорошая работа :yes:
  Joshua (15 декабря 2009, 15:40)  
well... I don`t know what say about. It is hard work for you, but it`s AMV not for me. 6
  loony_pin (10 декабря 2009, 20:52)  
not bad but you have a prblem with the masks
  777lexa777 (09 декабря 2009, 23:55)  
Ценю такие работы

  Jem (07 декабря 2009, 20:44)  
За такую громадную работу, меньше 10 не поставишь. Amv поражает. *_*
  Vektor (07 декабря 2009, 09:50)  
Wow! Monte Cristo is the world terrorist #1 :lol:
It was nice joke)
  Adruin (06 декабря 2009, 20:37)  
  ICEberg (05 декабря 2009, 16:00)  
экшен есть
стори нет
  dydyfredosh (04 декабря 2009, 01:27)  
thanks a lot for your comments , and for what you advised me to do..
One thing is sure : Akross would have given me the motivation to improve myself (because i knew there would be lot of famous amv makers) and it pushed me to try new things ,try to innovate although I did not succeed technically ^^. for those who did not appreciate , once again ,i'm sorry maybe the next amv will be the good.
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