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carloscurro  [ carloscurro ]
Video: Flag
Audio: Thirteen senses - Into the fire
Genre: Drama
Length: 3:48
Added: 05.08.2010
Viewed: 6513
Author's Commentary
After 3 years or more without doing one AMV (only trailers of anime), I return to this type of edition.
The principal idea of this AMV was to take form, sorrow, happy moments and all the feelings that the chamber of a journalist can manage to catch, together with the feelings of this one itself.
Given the complegidad of anime for the edition (at least for my) I have not had the awaited result, but at least it comes closer.
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Viewers Comments (total: 6)
  carloscurro (03 November 2010, 13:56)  
Thank's for watch and to comments

Night, thank's for the opinion but the RAW were in 1280x720
  AnimeFanaticBoy (14 October 2010, 00:06)  
De acuerdo con Angelface :smile:
  angelface (13 October 2010, 20:35)  
Excellent :biggrin:

  Fusion Z (23 August 2010, 03:30)  
really good.
  NIGHT (22 August 2010, 15:12)  
To begin with - Anime Flag does not go in Blu-Ray, only on DVD.
Therefore, permission had to be done 848h480, not higher.
And now 1280h720 = superfluous and unnecessary megabytes.

The plot is not well understood - especially the beginning and the ending clip.
Not watching TV series that few people understand.

Rhythm video sequence is not always exactly follows the rhythm of music ...
and, again, is a compilation of video sequence is highly dependent on the plot.

But in principle you can see (the more so for the Flag virtually no clips) ...
Someone must like this amv.
  kalich411 (09 August 2010, 01:12)  
мило.. расслабляет мозг.
Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei
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