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SteManga  [ SteManga ]
Studio:Raging Souls Studio
Video: Air Gear, Bleach, Bleach Movie: Memories of Nobody, Buso Renkin, Death Note, Dragon ball Dragon ball Z, Dragon Ball Z Movie 9: Bojack
Audio: Various [ To Aru Kagaku no Railgun OST - Railgun Shoot, Body Rockers - I Like The Way You Move, Bond - Explosive (Dead or Alive 4 OST) ]
Genre: Action
Length: 9:37
Added: 18.09.2010
Viewed: 5202
Author's Commentary
Here I am with a new super amv xD Then one day I saw this movie called DOA and

I said, would be nice to make an animated version .. no .. it's crazy but fuck yeah!

So I started writing down the early stages of the battles, etc., and finally after

months and months of suffering (fake AVI in vegas) I made 10 min of amv :O

I don't think I'll make another amv so long asd

I hope you will enjoy it .... without boring you..

Oh, i reccomend you to see the movie otherwise you will not understand it very well LOL

Special thanks to Frollino (Alek) and Overdrive for the encoding and to my beta testers, Davemeister and Riccardocasu
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Viewers Comments (total: 9)
  Cantide (15 October 2010, 08:46)  
А что? Прикольно!
  SteManga (03 October 2010, 22:26)  
  cokAMVs (03 October 2010, 22:19)  
bello ste complimenti (Y)
  AnimeFanaticBoy (25 September 2010, 08:54)  
Its forgiven man, the idea is cool
  SteManga (24 September 2010, 18:27)  
mmm I had problems between sony vegas and fake avi :tongue:
  AGE (24 September 2010, 10:55)  
Работа хороша идеей, в реализации конечно есть косяки, но на них можно закрыть глаза)) Один минус это продолжительность, не каждый просмотрит 10 минут))
  KaWaii (24 September 2010, 06:03)  
Идея хорошоая, но реализцаия хромает. :sad:
  S.A. Robert (24 September 2010, 00:44)  
На орге видел, реально классная работа)
Оценка 9/10
  wpsfull (23 September 2010, 23:34)  
Muito bom /o/ :smile:

Varios personagens que eu gosto lutando entre si foi muito bom ver ^-^
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