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siny  [ siny ]
Location:Lisbon, Portugal
Video: Kimi ni Todoke
Audio: Megumi Nakajima - Sou da yo
Genre: Romance
Length: 3:55
Added: 12.11.2010
Viewed: 26253
Author's Commentary
"Suki desu" means "to like" and "to like" someone has its ups and downs. And this is a song of love and how it feels to be away from someone you "like", but at the same time representing the actual meaning of love: being happy for our loved one, even if that's painful to you (with all the innocence and kindness that comes with it also).
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  AnimeFanaticBoy (16 November 2010, 07:00)  
:tongue: Ohhhh
  kemaxto (16 November 2010, 05:15)  
  KrossYuuki (16 November 2010, 04:06)  
да ну вас....а мне понравилось))
8 точно поставлю)) :wink:
  AimoAio (16 November 2010, 02:16)  
Aww that was really really sweet! The pacing and the song really added to the romancey-feely type atmosphere and it just made me go "D'AWWWWWW!!"

On the other hand, I really really could not stand the blurs.Especially the ones you used to sync the beats, the ones as transitions irked me but they weren't as bad as the beat synched ones - those ones I felt like they kept breaking up the flow of the video and just didn't feel like they should have been there at all.

I think simple fade outs to the white background would have looked much nicer as a transition, the occasional crossfade and hardcut wouldn't hurt either.The blurs were just kinda painful to my eyes xD

But it was sweet and it was KnT and I liked it so 7/10 :P
  Ya-UlitQo (15 November 2010, 22:25)  
Все это очень правильно поймано, правильно передано... Блюрчики там всякие, приятный вокал...
А изюма нет.
  Cane (15 November 2010, 22:21)  
Не люблю амв на японскую музыку О_о Но если не придираться к музыке то в целом получилось очень симпотично для Романтики, так же синхра и фифекты смотрятся хорошо. 7/10
  Takizka (15 November 2010, 21:13)  
Скучновато малёк..надо было песню другую выбрать...а так ничего..7
» Gigatless:
я тут прочитал название и невольно возник вопрос.
А разрешен ли мат в названиях клипов?
  Minwa (15 November 2010, 21:00)  
siny, o teu amv ish supah awesome <3
se pudesse votava mil vezes niste D:
  motyrue (15 November 2010, 20:44)  
миленько но скучно.
  ARXANGEL (15 November 2010, 20:43)  
"Suki desu"
:lol: :lol:
ох уж этот японский((
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