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Shinzo  [ Shinzo ]
Страна:Recife, Бразилия
Видео: Микс
Музыка: OceanLab - Satellite
Жанр: Dance, Fantasy
Время: 3:25
Добавлен: 29.10.2011
Просмотров: 90745
Конкурсы:Akrosscon 2011
Награды:Category Dance
Комментарий автора
It was a lot of work to finish this project, I belive that I will only edit something again on the next year.
I think it'll be my last video with lots of animes, I used a lot of amazing scenes which could fit the theme of the vid.
I spent months studying about 60fps, frame blending on Sony Vegas.
I noticed that it does is possible to create the same reality as Nostromos's videos just editing with Vegas, by using the plugin twixtor (already avaliable to download).

Btw, good luck on the contest everyone! ^_^
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 97)
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  Scofield_NL (02 ноября 2011, 21:06)  
very good, better than those of many gringos out there!
Congratulations kid, you're the man!
10/10 :tongue: :laugh: :wow:

NL Studio - AMV Brazil
By Scofield
  Patricia01 (02 ноября 2011, 20:47)  
very well done :wow:
is so prety good :smile:
10/10 :wink:
  Черный кот (02 ноября 2011, 20:45)  
9,5 good
  Cyber-EG (02 ноября 2011, 20:45)  
Very random but I liked it.
  Shinzo (02 ноября 2011, 20:38)  
thank you :laugh:
  Kosmit (02 ноября 2011, 20:32)  
Lookit all dem pretty scenes *_*
Good AMV and fun to watch. Your editing is of very high quality. The things is though, all of your AMVs are similar in style. Not a bad thing per se, but I'd like to see you edit something different for a change.
  Manitou (02 ноября 2011, 20:28)  
Красивая картинка и сделано хорошо, но клип сам не захватил и эмоций не вызвал.
  Shinzo (02 ноября 2011, 20:26)  
  kit_369 (02 ноября 2011, 20:25)  
Хороший Dance клип:)
  In.fest.ED (02 ноября 2011, 20:19)  
Can't say it's a bad work, though I didn't see anything outstanding. Just one of those trance AMV. Some scenes are interesting, but it would be better if you bring some sense in your work. Just a cut of beautiful pictures, wonder whether it only looks so, or it actually is.
For me it's 6 of 10.
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Feint - The Journey (feat. Veela)
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