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UpcomingDread  [ UpcomingDread ]
Location:Chico, USA
Video: Gintama
Audio: SPYAIR - Beautiful Days
Genre: Drama
Length: 4:16
Added: 29.11.2011
Viewed: 19940
Author's Commentary
This is a AMV I'm sure any Gintama fan will enjoy, and will maybe intrigue others to try watching this anime. Gintama is known for being primarily a random and comedic show, but it does have plenty of emotional and tear jerking scenes that I have come to enjoy so much. I wanted to show this side of Gintama so I attempted it earlier during the Summer but didn't like how it turned it so this is sort of a remastered idea using a different song then what I used before by SPYAIR which really inspired me to give it another shot.

I hope you all enjoy this AMV.
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Viewers Comments (total: 28)
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  777lexa777 (28 December 2011, 15:41)  
Мдас ничё хлорошего
  Zaitzzz (27 December 2011, 21:15)  
from this source may get a drama?0_0
  Vivern Def (22 December 2011, 19:44)  
Скучно, долго и не интересно.
  Bjoerndalen (17 December 2011, 19:42)  
Заскучал за просмотром. 4.5\10
  ICEberg (17 December 2011, 18:37)  
не драма

но не цепляет
и синхра плавает
  DEDninja (14 December 2011, 20:55)  
не, не слышал
  Alazari (06 December 2011, 23:18)  
Автор слишком жесток. Он собрал такие моменты , которые даже без звука вгоняют меня в дрожь от восхищения....ниже 7 никак поставить не могу.
  Черный кот (06 December 2011, 17:22)  
5 не впечатлило
  Pride (03 December 2011, 15:14)  
эх моя любимая гинтама^__^было пару интересных моментов.ниже 7 за это замечательное аниме не могу поставить)7\10
  Ikore (02 December 2011, 08:20)  
anime + music, in great union 7/10
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