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[key]Scarlet  [ PrincessKairy ]
Studio:Rising Production
Video: Final Fantasy Advent Children Complete
Audio: Sixx A.M. - This Is Gonna Hurt
Genre: Action, Character Profile
Length: 2.13
Added: 29.02.2012
Viewed: 11490
Awards:10th Place at "Soul's Team - Iron Chef VIII" in Action Category
Author's Commentary
This is the first IC I've decided to participate in. I don't usually participate in Iron Chef Contests because I edit slowly and I have little time to make my AMV. I've managed to edit my video in two days, I've ruined the third day by studying; I know that it's not the best, but at least it isn't horrible. I was expecting worse XD

Rising Concerto
Diegao94: Erien
Kyros: Unrequieted Love
[key]Scarlet: Demon's Soul
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Viewers Comments (total: 2)
  Armed (11 Febuary 2016, 18:21)  
I don't understand where the second and the third screenshots are from.
Неожиданное м/в, хотя некоторые сценки у меня никогда бы с этой музыкой не ассоциировались, но работа с ЦК это исправило, ритм хорошо обыгран. 8/10
  kemaxto (16 December 2012, 10:29)  
У автора хорошее чувство ритма.
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