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Feanor100  [ Feanor100 ]
Athens, Greece

Just to make it clear: I know the sync is not perfect, i know the use of the special FX is not the best, I know the clips I choose may have been seen before, but I just had to make a video with this awesome song! I reccomend it to anyone, since it is a challenging song with nice changes and nice melody.
Also, the subtitles I used in some occasions, I used them because I thought they would make the video more cool and epic, and of course more sentimental.

Morevoer, it took me like 2 weeks to finish it and I hope you'll like it(even a little bit :D).

The final part of the video was like an inspiration of the moment and thought that it would be awesome to show Luffy using his new ability!

P.S. During the rendering(and every single time I repeated it), for some reason Sony Vegas changed the resolution, but somehow it was left almost unharmed, but you will notice some "problems".
Video    One Piece
Audio    Awolnation - Sail
Genre    Action, Drama
4:18 | 61,7 Mb. | 1280x720 | H.264 / aac
4:18 | 12,0 Mb. | 640x480 | H.264 / aac
4:18 | 100 Mb. | 1280x720 | H.264 / aac
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flaffi  [ 12 November 2012, 11:22 ]
уснуть можноо... не захватывает
E_lis  [ 09 November 2012, 14:18 ]
This song is very cool, but you handled it very badly. Next time do some work on the timing and choose another anime) Good luck))
Feanor100  [ 09 November 2012, 09:17 ]
[QUOTE=DemonKurama,08 November 2012, 18:40][/QUOTE]

yap u are right ! I havent seen this since two or three months xD
DemonKurama  [ 08 November 2012, 20:40 ]
 AnimeFanaticBoy @ 03 November 2012, 02:40 
if not correct me but who hasnt seen : "This Is One Piece"?)

It's cool but I personally like this better.
Check it out if you haven't seen yet. Best one piece amv ever, in my opinion. :wink:
neodim  [ 05 November 2012, 22:53 ]
Ничего особенного, да и темновато получилось...
DEDninja  [ 04 November 2012, 20:24 ]
вот не могу серьезно воспринимать этот клип на эту песню :smile:
Tenshi13  [ 04 November 2012, 04:00 ]
Слабая работа. Нет смысла перечислять всех косяков. Оценка - звезда Ютуба
RTW47  [ 03 November 2012, 20:06 ]
Answering myself. Definition : -"then u live in youtube". That means , videos are uploaded into publicity only through this video hosting website. An uploader only expecting/waiting comments only from there. Often whole competition between the authors are based on the count of views and followers. Some of them know thet they will never become a very famous . But somewhere in the corner of the subconscious they believe that they can become a stars in they own yard. For creators who are not looking for fashion and are outside this bubble (it includes the world's best editors, and those who worked with AMV‘s before youtube burst.) These authors use the forums and participate in competitions, with youtube accounts, because it's just convenient. Thus why worlds best anime music videos were presented in the contests, and it will be presented there. Only in the contests and forums u will get real, deep, constructive and - most importantly - significant criticism and opinions. Youtube opinion - laughter through tears. Seriuos authors are not utubers just because they have YT acc. Youtube it just a tool to make their work more accessible. What is really important for the them are the options of fellow creators eg:here. Ur allready getting atention and basicaly steping in a right path, young padawan :V try NOT to fool your self-expression needs by filling hole in yuor soul with... „unnecessary things“ Also In this world there are lots of idiots and retarded information, but with time u will learn to use filters, (its like video filters but inside yer mind >_<‘ )
J.Saragde  [ 03 November 2012, 20:01 ]
my god far too much prattling :biggrin:
AnimeFanaticBoy  [ 03 November 2012, 16:39 ]
Nah I mean, that was just a fast comment :biggrin:

but yeah, I can assure you Nobody here without exception got all the knowledge from the first moment they made a video. Nobody is borned with the knowledge, so at a moment everyone here made random videos and started improving in a certain moment of the edition.

From every experience you learn something new, but at this moment you should be able to difference between useful comments and troll comments, since there are lot of them around.

You took a look to several amvs, no matter the website you watch them. Although YouTube is one of the most viewed sites for videos I don't deny that for some people it could be an influence. Besides, I used to be a youtuber :wink:

About the video: :laugh: Didn't know MauoThunder was still around
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