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Feanor100  [ Feanor100 ]
Location:Athens, Greece
Video: One Piece
Audio: Awolnation - Sail
Genre: Action, Drama
Length: 4:18
Added: 24.10.2012
Viewed: 22764
Author's Commentary

Just to make it clear: I know the sync is not perfect, i know the use of the special FX is not the best, I know the clips I choose may have been seen before, but I just had to make a video with this awesome song! I reccomend it to anyone, since it is a challenging song with nice changes and nice melody.
Also, the subtitles I used in some occasions, I used them because I thought they would make the video more cool and epic, and of course more sentimental.

Morevoer, it took me like 2 weeks to finish it and I hope you'll like it(even a little bit :D).

The final part of the video was like an inspiration of the moment and thought that it would be awesome to show Luffy using his new ability!

P.S. During the rendering(and every single time I repeated it), for some reason Sony Vegas changed the resolution, but somehow it was left almost unharmed, but you will notice some "problems".
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Viewers Comments (total: 52)
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  ЮККА (31 October 2012, 19:40)  
Ничего особенного. Тем более что в прошлом году на эту же музыку был клип который понравился мне куда больше.
  Archer090 (31 October 2012, 19:15)  
просто, но туго.. смотрится тяжелова-то и без интереса..
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