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RP Productions  [ NocturnalNerd ]
Location:Greenfield, USA
Video: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
Audio: Trading Yesterday - Shattered
Genre: Drama
Length: 2:48
Added: 16.11.2012
Viewed: 16599
Author's Commentary
I chose this song because it is one I have been able to relate to, since the passing of my father a short while ago. Crisis Core came to mind when listening to it, and the character Zack reminded of my father because they were both in the army.

I decided to join this contest and do this video in remembrance of my father, who always supported and encouraged my dreams.
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  Viper68 (06 Febuary 2013, 06:39)    
Несмотрел другие amv по Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII,эта 1ая спаяно неплохо музыка подходит к видео)насчет качества молчу эти ролики я так понял резали с psp кароч норм даже поиграть в неё захотелось:)
А да из минусов пожалуй только снежинки которые на мой взгляд портят всю картину и идут все видео=_=
  777lexa777 (05 Febuary 2013, 19:45)     
  Ginta (05 January 2013, 04:10)    
Without border please, it's so ugly. 3/10
  ICEberg (04 January 2013, 17:42)     
опять финалка
опять поля
опять убили Айрис

снова рандомная нарезка
снова видео отдельно от музыки

  Sevania (03 January 2013, 18:01)    
Music/Video and Technical can be better.
Artistic (atmosphere): good.
I like it. :smile:
  HimariKoneko (02 January 2013, 23:17)    
didn't like that effect of border
  MagicDarkLight (26 December 2012, 23:28)      
This border all around wasn't a good idea
  DEDninja (28 November 2012, 19:01)    
  dan-king (25 November 2012, 10:15)      
1.8, слабенько, но мой клип на сайте выглядит хуже. :biggrin:
  Ikore (24 November 2012, 23:51)     
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