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Kiriforce  [ Kiriforce ]
Location:Wetzlar, Germany
Video: Guilty Crown
Audio: Lost Prophets - A Town Called Hypocrisy
Genre: Romance, Story, Action
Length: 3:22
Added: 14.12.2012
Viewed: 21873
Author's Commentary
It is my first time at akross and I hope, you know, I will get some cookies with this. :D
I tried to make my own story out of what the anime had given me and even though the anime did not really make it easy for me at some parts, I think it worked out well in the end.
Hope you enjoy!
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Viewers Comments (total: 27)
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  AnimeFanaticBoy (20 December 2012, 00:00)  
It was good but why it starts to feel long after minute 2?
  Necroha (19 December 2012, 23:49)  
Стори и романс не увидел, но экшин великолепный.
  Hinata1495 (19 December 2012, 23:04)  
  SirenamAMV (19 December 2012, 20:51)  
The story you made up was nice and I liked how you played around with some of the scenes. The ending could have been better but overall it's pretty amazing! *gives you the said cookies* good luck in the contest as well :3

  mexoboy (19 December 2012, 19:33)  
awesome !!
  Fenx (19 December 2012, 18:46)  
Not bad, liked it, but it didn't really capture my attention. As said goRz, some parts were good and some parts could have been better, also I think the song didn't fit the anime/story. Despite that, was kinda good :smile:
  goЯz (19 December 2012, 18:37)  
Good job in your first, some parts were enjoyable, others could be better....not bad overall, gl in your future videos.
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