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gabbermd  [ gabber1991md ]
Location:Rome, Italy
Studio:Astra Production
Video: Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas
Audio: Echoes the Fall - Because of You
Genre: Action, Character Profile, Story
Length: 2:27
Added: 15.12.2012
Viewed: 50827
Author's Commentary
Hello guys is been a year =)
I started this video too late, indeed, not very satisfied with the final part but I had NO more time and a lot of problems too -_-
The concept of the video is very simple, I tried to tell the story of this anime following the lyric of the song.
The story is focused on Aron, nice guy but will become what he feared most! There will be a lot of battles too....
Special Thanks to Ale (aresschian85)
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Viewers Comments (total: 55)
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  Axiles (26 December 2012, 20:28)  
9/10 very nice action
  Kyros (26 December 2012, 20:23)  
very good job.
my favorite amv of your
  Uniquevil (26 December 2012, 20:17)  
эти глазопереходы доканали ужэ
  Elerye (26 December 2012, 20:12)  
Ohhhh, those muscles! :inlove: xDD
Weeeeell, I dont like action amvs but omg this one is snfk awesome, Really really enjoyed it :D You did a very good job Mr.Gabber. 8/10
  ЮККА (26 December 2012, 20:10)  
Исходник сам по себе когда смотрела не впечатлил, а тут так все хорошо смотрится. Отсюда могу сделать вывод что ролик очень даже хорош.
  Aerith (26 December 2012, 20:04)  
начало очень порадовало, но в середине сюжет потерялся, только мелькание кадров. конец слишком резкий. 8,5/10
  EnIgMoZz2 (26 December 2012, 19:59)  
Hmm, not bad. I liked the transitions with the masks and stuff. nice job.
  LucidAPs (26 December 2012, 19:58)  
Good luck bro (Y)
  Gorz (26 December 2012, 19:58)  
been waiting for this to be aired, you already know my opinion :tongue: badass poster as always haha GL
  Hinata1495 (26 December 2012, 19:53)  
amaazing job! ^^
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