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Ciuchcik  [ Ciuchcik ]
Location:Stara Kamienica, Poland
Video: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Casshern Sins
Audio: Hurts - Silver Lining
Genre: Drama, Sentimental, Story
Length: 4:34
Added: 15.12.2012
Viewed: 22733
Author's Commentary
At the beginning I would like to thank two people namely schen and milk or life, you are amazing and very amv makers helpful people really helped me I am grateful.
As for amv:
I dreamed of the notification to the Akross Con 2012 and finally made ​​it and I am proud, I hope that my amv you enjoy :)
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Viewers Comments (total: 29)
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  777lexa777 (09 Febuary 2013, 19:24)  
как то не зацепил очередной клип по алимику
  monialiskaAMV (04 January 2013, 21:06)  
Like the story, and its really nicely edited as well :)
  iha (04 January 2013, 04:13)  
悲哀と苦闘の、オリジナルストーリー!堪能させて頂きました!9.Almost perfect!
  DEDninja (04 January 2013, 00:09)  
Было интересно смотреть) от меня 8.2/10
  Sevania (03 January 2013, 21:10)  
Очень хорошо получилась атмосфера. Затягивает.
  Ginta (03 January 2013, 18:42)  
This story is really good, i respect your work but there must be a better association with this music, especially in the first half. 7,25 /10
  ICEberg (03 January 2013, 14:44)  
не драма и не сентиментал

но наконец-то хорошая годная стори с ясно прослеживающимся сюжетом
  Н@фаня (30 December 2012, 18:17)  
Очень даже хорошо) :tu:
  Fryface (28 December 2012, 22:07)  
the editing itself could be better but you have potential. i really liked your story 8.0
  cece-chan (28 December 2012, 22:07)  
The idea is really fantastic ! I love the Storyline, it's original and it has a real emotion !
If we talk about technic now, there is a great work to do with the filters but you have imagination and this is really, a great news :) :smile:
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