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Nui  [ Nui ]
Location:Bucharest, Romania
Video: Bakemonogatari
Audio: Nero's Day At Disneyland - No Money Down, Low Monthly Payments
Genre: Romance, Psychedelic, Drama
Length: 2:24
Added: 16.12.2012
Viewed: 17177
Author's Commentary
This AMV is quite personal since I am in a very strange mood. I've been lied to before by some of my closest friends and words can't explain the horrible feeling that it gives. Some people are stronger than others, some are weak, but each person finds their own way of dealing with their problems. This AMV shows the fragility of the mind, the body and the soul and how easy it is to drive people insane. However, the question remains: Are you strong enough not to give in?
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Viewers Comments (total: 25)
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  KEN13 (30 August 2013, 22:24)  
АААААААААА.......голова заболела
  777lexa777 (09 Febuary 2013, 19:15)  
и правда раздражает.
  Unver (09 January 2013, 20:32)  
Музыка после первой минуты начала раздражать, а в остальном неплохо
  Lapskaus (09 January 2013, 03:34)  
Best Akross video for me. You got the highest score from me in the whole contest - 8.5
Would've loved to see your video in the finals :<
  Ginta (05 January 2013, 02:19)  
for my part i like this synchro but this music is just horrificable xd
For the work and not for this choice of music ... 6/10
  monialiskaAMV (04 January 2013, 21:01)  
It was so random and F.cked up but I liked it :D
Good Job ;)
  ICEberg (04 January 2013, 16:47)  
где драма?
где романтика?

только что глюки как-то тянут на психодел, да и те слишком рандомные
  DEDninja (03 January 2013, 23:56)  
Это лучший вариант психоделика в этом году, а комиссия даже в группу А не взяла :maniac:
  MountainPass (03 January 2013, 18:00)  
oh, cool-crazy-mood - GREAT!
  DEDninja (03 January 2013, 10:49)  
Красавец!! Приятно смотреть работы в котором видны новые подходы к исполнению :smile: Amv достойных лучших оценок, то, что многие не признают психоделик их проблемы, Nui желаю тебе удачи! Автор на верном пути! 10/10

Added (after 4 min. and 31 sec.):

Да, и клип в коллекцию :tv:
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