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lolligerjoj  [ lolligerjoj ]
Видео: Bakemonogatari, Nisemonogatari, Nekomonogatari
Музыка: Kraddy - Into The Labyrinth
Жанр: Action, Psychedelic, Other
Время: 5:10
Добавлен: 03.04.2013
Просмотров: 70160
Конкурсы:Big Contest 2013
Награды:2nd Place Overall. Most Original Video, Best Editing, Best Action Video, Best Horror/Psychedelic Video, Audience Choice AMV Show
Комментарий автора
Here's my video. I planned to make an AMV ages ago, and now I finally did it. (will you look at that!)
When I began working on it, I had no idea that this series is that overused. I actually didn't know anything about making AMVs. That hopefully changed over the past months, because... well, I made an AMV.
Twixtor. I used it for a lot of GMVs and it seemed only natural for me to use it for this AMV as well. I didn't want the "pseudo-frameblending" that is used in most 60FPS-videos (Twixtor over footage => frameblending only between differing frames => "high-level-stuttering") , which meant I had to go through everything I recorded and remove every duplicate frame of an animation manually with time-remapping. It doesn't surprise me anymore that I didn't see a single editor who's done that before ... (Update: Seems like I didn't know Artofeel)
A shoutout to Kraddy, because his tracks are simply phenomenal to edit to.

Also, have some additional technical facts:
Editing-Software: Adobe After Effects CS6
VideoCopilot Twitch
VideoCopilot Optical Flares
Trapcode Shine
Audio-Software: Adobe Audition CS6
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 39)
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  Lilit (22 мая 2013, 19:27)  
  Miguelito (20 мая 2013, 06:51)  
i really loved those Twixtor ^^ and also the whole video it was a bit to long but in the end it was amazing ^_^ 10+ :smile:
  Nosterius (14 мая 2013, 13:07)  
Необычно , оригинально , завараживает я прям вспател при просмотре :biggrin: Продолжай в том же духе я жду новых работ за эту 10+
  Hikado95 (30 апреля 2013, 04:56)  
nice ambient :D
  Heihachi Mishima (30 апреля 2013, 01:15)  
Отлично, все как единое целое просто. Жанр психодел отработан на все 100
  Coolx1 (26 апреля 2013, 20:04)  
клип класс!!! есть еще похожие работы

  Gaurry (23 апреля 2013, 00:14)  
"попал мне в руки твикстор и тут началось...". гарантировано именно так объясняется причина существования клипа.
музяка забавная.
  Uniquevil (20 апреля 2013, 20:38)  
mmm I'm lovin' it :3

  Artofeel (14 апреля 2013, 13:57)  
some more Twixtor tips
rather than manually find duplicates, use the option: Input: Frame Rate
for example, you have a source with a 23.976 fps, for convenience, you need to set it equal to 24 fps (interpret footage -> main), same with 29.98 -> 30
then you simply points Input: Frame Rate to 12 (if every second frame unique) or 8 (if one-third)
Twixtor will do everything for you
you only need to define is 8 or 12 unique frames per second in a particular scene (you probably already know that it may be a variable sometimes in the same scene)

and another trick
if the difference between the frames is too big (it is better not to use Twixtor, as I mentioned earlier) in the Frame Interp use parameter Nearest, and when the difference is minimal, shift (keyframe) to Motion Weighted Blend
  Gunman82 (12 апреля 2013, 17:13)  
Нет слов! И, сами знаете, что закончилось! Но вот бы еще за концептом больше смысла просматривалось. Хотя Психоделику и Экшону он (смысл) и не шибко то нужен. Участвовал бы в Контесте 2012 - точно сражался за призовые места в нескольких категориях.
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