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Shurpik  [ Shurpik ]
Location:Vilnius, Lithuania
Video: Steins;Gate
Audio: Knife Party - Internet Friends
Genre: Story, Thriller
Length: 1:38
Added: 30.11.2013
Viewed: 22570
Author's Commentary
Hi there.
Always wanted to create a short amv with this song. I've tried as much as possible to reflect the meaning of the song in the video and to pay more attention to the story and atmosphere. As a result, sync suffered. Story came out pretty clear and epic, so i hope it won't be hard to understand it :)

Special thanks to RespectTM
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Viewers Comments (total: 38)
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  FobosAMV (26 October 2015, 22:35)  
  KEN13 (04 Febuary 2014, 12:34)  
Facebook да. Хм...интересно
  ICEberg (24 January 2014, 21:55)  
не триллер
хотя конец улыбнул
  Domius (12 January 2014, 19:06)  
it's very weird but i lol'd in the ending
  xGeminii (28 December 2013, 22:13)  
Ahaha this was awesome! I wish you had edited the faster part, was kinda curious to see how you would do that. But anyways it was pretty good! 8/10 good luck! :D
  Cane (24 December 2013, 23:19)  
Идея клипа классная, но вот синхронизация в некоторых местах немного огорчила. Плюс клип можно было сделать подлиннее секунд на 20-30. 8.8/10
  Aleks-hab (17 December 2013, 10:40)  
песня давно валяется на плеере) вполне годный клип но! короткий и как будто недоделанный, автор делай фул версию на след акрос ( подлиней с синхрой и спецэфектами, сразу 10 дам))
  Ryu0672 (15 December 2013, 15:18)  
lol,nice was really funny.LOL.
  [madaraxD] (11 December 2013, 02:26)  
The idea its funny, but gets a little boring and the editing wasnt enough interesting imo, stil...the end is awesome xD good luck!
  sheen (10 December 2013, 21:53)  
interesting idea :wink:
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