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Megan (xSebbyChanx), Bridget (xZeroChanx)  (SkitsoAMVs)  [ Skitsofanacts ]
The point of this AMV is devotion to a romantic level. Devotion is a strong connection between two souls that forever entwined. A connection that has no limits on how much you'd give for one another.


Using Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackerman relationship from Attack on Titan or Shingeki no Kyojin we were able to recreated scenes to help express there deep connect that they share for one another. It's such a romantic piece I don't believe that anyone who watches this AMV will realize the work that went into it. We had alter so many different images to help the flow of the story. Anything from adding text to adding a character into a scene. We used Sony Vegas and a ton of Photoshop! It was a huge amount of work!


Otakon 2014: Finalist - Romanace/Sentinmental
Video    Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)
Audio    Yuna - Lullabies (Adventure Club Remix)
Genre    Romance, Sentimental, Drama
4:29 | YouTube
4:29 | 496 Mb. | 1920x1080 | mp4 / mp3
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Total comments: 9[1]
Tori_Ti  [ 30 January 2015, 19:34 ]
Очень крутое, прям вдохновляешься, все так технично=) Но для меня было сильно затянуто, нуднова-то было сомотреть так долго
ken1_ken1  [ 28 September 2014, 01:54 ]
Очень хорошая работа ставлю всеж 8 из 10. Приятно смотреть Очень качественно сделано. Мне не хватило больше экшана.
CeliaPhantomhive  [ 26 March 2014, 19:47 ]
It was nice, but literally the SAME exact thing has been done before. And the style is pretty similar as well. If it weren't for that dive in originality then it would have been great. But nice effects overall, those still took effort to create. :tu:
blackcatgirl508  [ 04 March 2014, 00:47 ]
Amazing video wonderful work so...pretty those colorings :wow:
KEN13  [ 02 March 2014, 00:52 ]
Немного затянуто, но вышло неплохо :)
Haruzxwater987  [ 01 March 2014, 20:56 ]
This is jaw droping this pairing ..I don't really see them as romantic but all in all its a hard show to show romance in and you did capture it nice work :laugh:
TerraGust  [ 01 March 2014, 09:51 ]
This is surprisingly accurate :biggrin: Nice one
Kvant  [ 01 March 2014, 04:26 ]
Отличная работа! Интересная, техничная и весьма приятная к просмотру.
Достаточно полны раскрыты все заявленные жанры.
Имхо, работа уровня финалиста Акросса, и остаётся только сожалеть что автор, по каким-то причинам не выставил её на кон, а просто скинул сюда.
Моё браво. :tu:
Однако, ) Оценку уважаемому автору, Я всё же немного подпорчу, :shuffle:
Всё-таки две поставленные тут десятки, на моё мнение, несколько завышают клип, немножечко^^
P. S. 496 Мб - делюкс версия :wow: :tupoi:
xanimebeast768h  [ 27 Febuary 2014, 00:33 ]
This... perfect adorable pairing adorable video you please upload more then you do? :wink:
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