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zima000  [ zima000 ]
Location:Кубинка, Russia
Video: High School DxD
Audio: Starset - My Demons
Genre: Action
Length: 1:54
Added: 26.11.2014
Viewed: 17757
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Viewers Comments (total: 30)
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  xGeminii (08 December 2014, 20:13)  
The song fits this anime really well! And this anime is really hard to edit because there's not much to it, so props for that :) Other than that, nothing too special. Solid action video! 5/10 good luck~
  Akoraun (08 December 2014, 18:20)  
When source is stupid, hard to get serious to AMV :)
  kyssifur (08 December 2014, 16:14)  
4.8, and I think I overscored a bit. Could have been worse.
  FunnyMan (08 December 2014, 00:16)  
  Эль-тян (07 December 2014, 20:51)  
Типичный альтернативный нарезончег
  Axiles (07 December 2014, 12:17)  
омг что за убожество ???? Тупая нарезка без намека на синхру по музыку. Автор тебе самому не стыдно ??? ПОЗОР!!!! 3/10
  akira02sum (07 December 2014, 07:29)  
I think your video suits the music well. But too monotonous. As a result, no liveliness.
Nice try. Good luck!
  Juancarlosdm95 (07 December 2014, 02:10)  
the song is epic, funny thing is I'm doing a amv with this song too xD nice video, keeps going :eat: :eat:
  Death_Kn1ght (07 December 2014, 01:00)  
С динамикой печалька, хотя вторая половина была приятнее первой. Работа с камерой просится тут сама по себе, стоило побаловаться попробовать :з Ну а пока... Средне-унылый экшен.
  AnimeFanaticBoy (07 December 2014, 00:35)  
no synch at the video, and you have an awesome song there for video. I guess I have now a song I will like to edit in the future so thanks for it :smile:
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