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Sunlight  [ Ligh[t] ]
Страна:Tbilisi, Грузия
Видео: Wolf Children
Музыка: Extreme Music - Bring Me Back to Life
Жанр: Drama, Sentimental, Story
Время: 4:00
Добавлен: 11.12.2014
Просмотров: 53172
Комментарий автора
i will add desciption later for sure :)
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 79)
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  akira02sum (19 декабря 2014, 08:02)  
You expressed the feelings of the heroine, Hana (花) very well, following the storyline of the anime. Impressive!
  andrewbee (19 декабря 2014, 07:34)  
Firstly, you might want to think about adding Character profile to the genre of this amv.

Now, I think the source, under any decent editor, is probably one of the easiest to create sentimentality and you are pretty decent :)
But I found myself asking how I'm to react to the video. On one hand, there are some clever editing sections coupled with nice gfx scribbles, on the other, especially during my first playthrough, I got bored around halfway through and I started wondering if there was really something I might have missed. Then it dawned on me, I was looking for something original in the story, like a typical Tayo AMV and not trying to treat it as a tribute to the anime.

That said, its a very fine entry and wish you the best!
  AlchemistEskimo (19 декабря 2014, 07:28)  
One of my favorites from this year so far! Visually stunning with a lot of heart. Good luck :)
  AnimeFanaticBoy (19 декабря 2014, 05:22)  
it's the first time I hear about you, but I liked the execution of the video. Also this is the kind of video that makes me feel I should reward someone for his-her effort :wink:

Welcome to the club. Video is pleasant and technique is not so deep for the purpose the video was made. I'll add to favorites this one :smile:
  VippeR (19 декабря 2014, 04:08)  
» sucubus
Ты глупый или что-то?
  OnFrame (19 декабря 2014, 03:20)  
8.5/10 1 of the leaders so far
  axonjunior (19 декабря 2014, 01:48)  
Pretty good, very well done :tu:
  InsanitySupporter (19 декабря 2014, 00:59)  
The visual and technical part is awesome, extremely gorgeous.
I sense that you invested a lot of time and you did this by heart.
Still, despite I liked this video a lot, I'm afraid that doesn't have a strong drama/sentimenal part, wolf children is becoming the new 5 cm/s, you see too many videos using the source that no one makes you say "HOLYCRAP".
  Axiles (19 декабря 2014, 00:26)  

Added (after 1 min. and 9 sec.):

» sucubus
такой малокуле как ты не понять
  Strat (19 декабря 2014, 00:12)  
El AMV es bueno, sin duda es un buen trabajo. Pero no puede llegar a más, ya he visto muchos amvs usando esta source y no me parece algo original, simplemente está bien llevado a cabo. Además me parece demasiado largo para el poco material con el que se trabaja
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