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Ahmed  [ Ahmed ]
Страна:Gafsa, Тунис
Видео: Kyoukai no Kanata
Музыка: Krewella - Human
Жанр: --
Время: 2:20
Добавлен: 24.12.2014
Просмотров: 17015
Комментарий автора
this is my first time at Akross Contest and im very excited for that.
thnx for watching and Hope you enjoy it !
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  Juancarlosdm95 (11 января 2015, 04:50)  
Hey dude, the amv is good, no matter whether resembles that of aken or if you used the same anime and the song itself , it is important that you do not plagiarism ... I like the amv , for the next about making a most original idea , but have good technique , so you 're on track : v good luck :cool:
  Dakota_Sir (05 января 2015, 21:22)  
Not bad for the fist time.
But there is a lot of work ahead. Go for it.
  InsanitySupporter (05 января 2015, 05:38)  
The problem here is that you can't avoid comparing this to the Aken AMV...
Maybe you had the idea before or without knowin that one, but it is something difficult.
Even if you don't compare this to the aken's one, I can see that you need to work a bit on some technical parts.
You can get inspiration from others' pieces, but you need to mention it and add it a different approach (a great example is Boxxed)
Hope we can see an original work from you soon.
  ThalesEditions (02 января 2015, 23:54)  
» Raynys
Really guy, the AMV was a Aken AMV plagiarism and not was a technical AMV. But wasn't a shit, you don't need say this.
Ahmed you can do better! Just practice more and try again, think in something original from yourself. You can get inspiration from others Authors projects, but not copy the main ideia from them. Practice more and do your best ever :wink:
  cblpoera (01 января 2015, 23:50)  
Автор перебрал в одном клипе все шрифты, которые у него завалялись на компе?
  SnakeDeath (01 января 2015, 03:27)  
bad like shit u cant be like Aken ...
  AnimeFanaticBoy (31 декабря 2014, 05:12)  
Since I haven't watched Aken's video, I don't get the comparison. It's good to have aspirations, but you can't just try to reproduce a previous amv, why not trying your own idea?

About the video: Liked the lyric synch, but the edition seems basic. Try harder next time
  KEN13 (31 декабря 2014, 00:01)  
Сначала любит потом режет )))) забавный клип. Спасибо
  NIGHT (30 декабря 2014, 22:59)  
that's why in the video embed english lyrics?
  Kvant (30 декабря 2014, 20:18)  
Я смотрел, смотрел... и кажется проглядел... Вроде там всё норм было, только миг спустя в памяти ничего и не осталось, но пересматривать что-то не хочется.
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