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JSK  [ InsanitySupporter ]
Страна:Coatzacoalcos, Мексика
Студия:Iron Team
Видео: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
Музыка: Ellie Goulding - Figure 8 (Xilent Remix)
Жанр: Character Profile
Время: 4:09
Добавлен: 12.01.2015
Просмотров: 28140
Комментарий автора
A simple Madoka Magica video.
Not that unique, but college doesn't allow me to edit, this is the first full non-school video that I made since Akross Con 2013.
I tried to merge the tv and the 3rd movie stories with a modestep-raw style. I'm interested a lot about the development of Homura throught the series. When you think about all she has seen and done, you can understand what she does at the end of rebellion,

I wish I could have uploaded this before, but I had some school and health problems, and after that I had family vacations. I hope to be here next year with a better piece, I think I made some improvement since last year's Magico MMV.

Tayo helped me before I decided to edit this (I was kinda outta the way and I needed advice). Centurione was willing to beta-test me, but my vacations didn't helped that (hope she can see this, still). Obviously, special thanks to iKuro, he helped me a lot dealing with my depression and lack of self-confidence meanwhile he beta-tested. And thanks to Esencia de Iris for the poster.

Hope you enjoy this (:
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 38)
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  nivekov123 (24 января 2015, 21:27)  
Haven't seen the anime so idk what the fuck is going on, but i still dig it. good job
  BacKSlash_L (24 января 2015, 21:16)  
That'S Perfect! Decent work!
I really liked! 10/10
I want to see this work in the final!
  [madaraxD] (24 января 2015, 21:09)  
Muy lento y estatico el principio, la parte lenta que le sigue y la de dubstep estuvieron decentes, aunque yo realmente no logre entender nada de lo que pasaba en la parte dubstep, sinceramente para mi fueron simple booms and pums nada más, no lo veo como un solido character profile a lo mejor iba mejor drama o hasta incluso acción. De cualquier manera suerte en el contest, me gustó más tu trabajo del año pasado tho
  iKuro (24 января 2015, 20:55)  
Ya ves que si valio la pena el esfuerzo =). Buen trabajo jsk espero verte en las finales
  Aoimina (24 января 2015, 20:52)  
nice job =)
  MrGafudo (24 января 2015, 20:30)  
One of my favourites on this contest, incredible, awesome. Waiting for more of your stuff ;)
  andrewbee (24 января 2015, 20:14)  
One needs to be very familiar with the lore of Madoka Magica to really understand whats going on in this amv. In the beginning, it felt like I had a guide, someone holding my hand as I was watching it unfold and all of a sudden it was like the hand vanished and pushed me into allot of nice cuts but I wasnt sure anymore where I was heading.
That said, the flow is really good but the entry level in understanding the character profile is really high. Good luck :)
  skyrim (24 января 2015, 19:39)  
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