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lolligerjoj  [ lolligerjoj ]
Страна:Munich, Германия
Видео: Микс [ Akira, Angel Cop, Animatrix, Barefoot Gen, Tales of Earthsea, End of Evangelion, Fist of the North Star, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Ghost in the Shell, Gyo, Haibane Renmei, Kara no Kyoukai, Karas, Mirai Nikki, Nekomonogatari, Nisemonogatari, Mononoke Hime, Mushishi, Nausicäa, Perfect Blue, Psycho Pass, Shigurui, Sky Crawlers, X, Hyouka, 5 cm per second, From Up on Poppy Hill, Lucky Star, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu, Genius Party Beyond, Texhnolyze, Serial Experiments Lain, Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai ]
Музыка: Huoratron - New Wave of Mutilation
Жанр: Psychedelic, Horror
Время: 5:54
Добавлен: 13.01.2015
Просмотров: 77593
Комментарий автора
Full version is 30 fps only, and thus not recommended, as some parts are not displayed correctly in the low framerate.
The first alternative download is 720p 60 fps, the second is 1080p 60 fps. Fall back to the 720p version if you experience framedrops or desynchronization.
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 144)
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  Shepherd (08 февраля 2015, 06:30)  
мясная амвха)..ващпе не понравилась, но сделана канешн действительно клева..8.0
  ThalesEditions (08 февраля 2015, 04:04)  
So... In first time you watching this project, you've a bad feeling (of course it's psychedelic). There are a lot of people that don't like this genre or isn't used to watch this video kind. So is necessary to watch more than one time to see the details like the synchronism and the technique used in video. The quality like 60 FPS and 1080p like he used to do is more than necessary to him be a Finalist.

In my opnion this isn't the best Lolligerjoj project, but it's a great psychedelic AMV and this video can get the best psychedelic category, now horror I don't know. I hope see lolligerjoj in top 20, but I don't think that he'll be in the top 5.

So.. I only don't like two things in this video... the giant file in 1080p version [Into the Labyrinth and tan(x) wasn't in this size...I just want to know, why this size? It's because the lights and color correction effects?] and the visual pollution. But is like I said, the psychedelic and the technique in edition was amazing as ever ^^.
keep doing your best in yours next projects guy, your works are wonderful. :smile:
  danparthenis (08 февраля 2015, 02:29)  
Nightmare inducing, oh well at least I now have what to show my friends if they piss me off as punishment haha
  SilverAG (07 февраля 2015, 20:44)  
uhmm LOL I can't say I didn't like this, because it was kind of.. unique in some way but well I think you can do something way better and more enjoyable than this, that's what I expected at least, which makes this vid kind of disappointing. 7.
  Death_Kn1ght (07 февраля 2015, 14:13)  
Ну просто нереально крутой трешак, 10/10 , наконец-то у меня появился фаворит на конкурсе :з
Ну а автору в очередной раз спасибо, как что-нибудь сделает - сразу вкусный шедевр, аригато :smile:
  crooktj (07 февраля 2015, 13:52)  
Disappointing. :sad:

  MIBIHA (07 февраля 2015, 11:22)  
Достойная замена маньяки, жуть)
  vinil (07 февраля 2015, 09:34)  
it is an art! 10.0
  his1nightmare (07 февраля 2015, 09:04)  
Imho, this is the winner.
And probably the only video in existence with Shigurui scenes in it which isn't complete garbage.
  AngelDragoon (07 февраля 2015, 03:38)  
I'll admit, I was waiting like everyone else to see what you'd make this year, since the last two years have been impressive, even if odd in concept. To be honest, I don't see it as being as 'bad' or as 'good' as many people say it is. It's just kind of...bland, I suppose. Don't get me wrong, you're amazing at what you do. The Twixtor and glow works well and the psychedelic atmosphere is on point. (If I had to describe it to anyone, I'd say it was visually similar to a really bad medication/acid/drug trip from the 80s with all of those neon colors and music choice). Even the Lucky Star/Haruhi footage worked to show the 'highs' during said trip. My biggest gripe, however, are those rectangular/square cutouts. They don't really serve much of a purpose, (other than perhaps looking like a messed up VHS tape), and, even if they did, there was way too much. It just took away from the grotesqueness of the scenes and kind of weakened the overall effect. Again, not bad, but not as good as your previous works.

Also, it took me a minute since my German is rusty, but I finally got it - That video title is extremely appropriate. :laugh:
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