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Shin  [ ShinNinja ]
Location:Las Vegas, USA
Studio:PixelBlended Studios
Video: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
Audio: Halou - Honeythief
Genre: Drama, Psychedelic
Length: 3:01
Added: 20.01.2015
Viewed: 66140
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Viewers Comments (total: 84)
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  777lexa777 (11 June 2015, 22:31)  
автор смени авку XD
  Scr (04 April 2015, 21:01)  
очень и очень.. не знаю сколько здесь авторской работы, но работа зацепила, плюс один из любимых треков.
  Samai (20 March 2015, 14:19)  
В начале как то понятно о чем клип) но потом к середине как будто просто нарезка кадров-_-, не поняла сути вообще, музыка хорошо передает всю глубину драмы. За старания автора 6/10. Старайтесь развивайтесь дальше автор и удачи
  Ksinofon (06 March 2015, 18:33)  
  Whiterock (06 March 2015, 18:10)  
I think I miss what people find so great about this.
The video and song go each other's way, having madoka in source doesn't make video automatically psychodelic. Drama? Can't see it, there is no story or theme to show it.
  Bigalaxy (27 Febuary 2015, 23:15)  
Too random for me, sorry :c
  Ligh[t] (20 Febuary 2015, 22:36)  
great job!
  antofelio (19 Febuary 2015, 16:57)  
окей на 4ку/5ти, но бля, как токо я услышал это трек, то вспомнил амв где девочка перерезала кучу народу, и там просто непобедимо....
  Bjoerndalen (18 Febuary 2015, 13:36)  
It’s a very good and worthy video. In spite of all kick the author for choosing the song pretty much according to the objective reasons, it suits the original completely. To my point of view, that’s because of its atmosphere. I like it here much more than in the mentioned above by others the work NIghtSlayer. The main attention in "Сruel World" is mostly paid to the plot and its correct telling and it puts the video at the high level. Here the main problem deals with another one (including clear synchronization), a tighter universe, which is successfully shown in the emotional aspect by the author. The only thing I didn’t like too much is the musical support of the second couplet, especially parts 1:10-1:20 and 1:35-1:54, but all the other is great and corresponds to my taste. Thank you for the work, Shin. 10\10
  S.A. Robert (18 Febuary 2015, 13:01)  
Снова мадока... не впечатлён.
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