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HolySorrows  [ HolySorrows ]
Location:Phenix City, USA
Video: Toradora!
Audio: The Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling
Genre: Dance, Comedy
Length: 4:11
Added: 15.11.2015
Viewed: 18192
Author's Commentary
This is actually just my second attempt at making an AMV, so I hope my newbishness is not too obvious and that you may find some enjoyment watching it.
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Viewers Comments (total: 31)
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  axonjunior (21 November 2015, 23:43)  
Boring after mid. Anyway, good luck!
  Axiles (21 November 2015, 23:27)  
2 :mad: :mad: :mad:
  iKuro (21 November 2015, 22:42)  
Not bad for a second amv. I can see how you select your scenes trying to catch the lyrics of the song gj in that aspect. You still have to practice more but i like this :3
  botdru (21 November 2015, 22:00)  
повеселил :tu:
  NIGHT (21 November 2015, 20:18)  
Не смог досмотреть.
  MesoGear (21 November 2015, 18:33)  
липсинк не понравился, большую часть времени он диссонирует с песней и совершенно не смотрится, в общем, подбор кадров довольно слаб
  Legato2400 (21 November 2015, 18:22)  
This is pretty good for a second edit, what I would suggest for future edits Is to do audio cuts if you think the song is to long. This way you can put more time into scene selection and have a more unified idea. Also if you feel like a part is not looking right don't hesitate to deleted it and try again.

There where some moments that fit well with the song and I enjoyed it for thoughts. Just do a bit more editing and you should be able to find your style.
  Kimihairu (21 November 2015, 17:53)  
Года четыре назад мне бы этот клип, наверное, понравился.
Поразительно, как все переменилось. Нижний предел восприятия уже совсем не тот.
  Fynjy (21 November 2015, 17:36)  
всем гуднайт ребят.
  AnimeFanaticBoy (21 November 2015, 17:01)  
dont you worry about that, its brave enough to come here. Just remember the basics like the synch, concept, flow and there you go
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