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Fury  [ FuryAMV ]
Location:Targoviste, Romania
Studio:Æon Studios
Video: Various [ Kuuchuu Buranko (Trapeze), Ergo Proxy, Corpse Party, Shiki, Tokyo Ghoul, Tokyo Ghoul A, Steins Gate, Kara no Kyoukai, Iseki Shuichi Yoshizaki Girl, Shikabane Hime Kuro, Garei Zero, Code Geass, Vampire Knight Guilty, Me Me Me, Prison School, Fate Stay Night, Zankyou no Terror, Tokyo Ravens, Log Horizon, Blood C, Blood C The Movie, Gangsta, Pyscho Pass, Dusk Maiden of Amnesia, Puella Madoka Magica, Another, Mirai Nikki ]
Audio: Zack Hemsey - Nice to Meet Me (Instrumental), Percival & Marcin Przybyłowicz - Silver for Monsters
Genre: Psychedelic, Horror, Character Profile
Length: 3:01
Added: 06.12.2015
Viewed: 76261
Author's Commentary
Hi everyone.
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Viewers Comments (total: 58)
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  anh-taiii (16 October 2016, 05:44)  
  Sutrue (11 Febuary 2016, 15:27)  
congratulations! pretty original
  Bea$t (11 Febuary 2016, 07:39)  
I just hate psychedelic videos. Technically it's good. Story just isn't there. Tracks are easily forgettable. There could be more of horror stuff . Overall it's average psychedeliс video wich I didn't enjoed at all. Not my cup of tea.
  Kimihairu (07 Febuary 2016, 14:09)  
Крепенькая сюжетная постановка с хорошо сведенными исходниками. Порадовало лично, что клип, как и трек, развитие динамики имеет, а не сугубо монотонно-повествовательный характер несет. Парт с побегом понравился очень.
  Iubicola (05 Febuary 2016, 11:09)  
nice, good jobb :D
  CmoididiReal (02 Febuary 2016, 12:55)  
nice idea with the first person view and the breathing sound. Maybe the end don't make sens but it's a good original concept, gg
  Sagiki (01 Febuary 2016, 17:25)  
Glitches glitches everywhere :biggrin:
So funny
  magd99 (26 January 2016, 10:10)  
Actually the escape music was good but the video itself lost its quality in the escape part
  ICEberg (24 January 2016, 15:02)  
профайл нераскрыт
сюжет невнятен - и не спасает даже финальный выстрел
формальные признаки психодела присутствуют
формальные признаки ужастика присутствуют

но не страшно и не глючит
  DrunkenPony (16 January 2016, 23:26)  
i really liked your original concept and the thing you tried to pull off kudos i think he escape music doesnt really fit, also has a bit flaws here and there but kudos for the try expecting a lot more things from you in the near future :P
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