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DaiKunProductions  [ DaiKunProductions ]
Location:Golden, USA
Video: Various [ Fate/stay Night, Magi, Fairy Tail, Akame ga Kill!, Kill la Kill, Sword Art Online, Canaan, Tales of Zestiria, Tales of Xillia, Tales of Vesperia, God Eater, A Certain Magical Index, Pumpkin Scissors, Soul Eater, Attack on Titan, Fullmetal Alchemist, High School of the Dead, InuYasha, Shakugan no Shana, Utawarerumono, Akatsuki no Yona, Slayers ]
Audio: Lunatica - Words Unleashed
Genre: Action
Length: 4:17
Added: 11.01.2016
Viewed: 21518
Author's Commentary
The strongest individuals are those who truly face oppression and subjugation, and none are stronger than the powerful women battling in this AMV. I envisioned a grand battlefield similar to the sweeping city shots at the climax of the Avengers movie, where the camera seamlessly flies between different heroes battling evil. The women of anime face far more foes than their male counterparts, be it societal oppression, sexual assault, or conventional evil, and this AMV is a tribute to their strength. I created it using Photoshop, After Effects, Maya, and Final Cut Pro.
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Viewers Comments (total: 34)
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  Juancarlosdm95 (17 January 2016, 21:23)  
Same as ikuro!! HOLY MASK!!!!! xD :wow: :wow: :wow: :inlove:
  iKuro (17 January 2016, 21:17)  
holy mother of masking
  S.A. Robert (17 January 2016, 19:37)  
Интересная задумка, да и труда вложено немало. Но эти 3д-болванчики просто убили )

  Широ (17 January 2016, 19:33)  
блин, даже не знаю, по кадровая обработка отличная, но есть много минусов в самом видео. автор видно старался, в итоге накинул 8.2
  AnimeFanaticBoy (17 January 2016, 18:08)  
A lot of work seen here. Good
  kawaimi-chan (17 January 2016, 17:46)  
ох, это ОФИГЕТЬ КАК КАЧЕСТВЕННО СДЕЛАНО. С технической точки зрения 100 бы поставила.
но скучновато, правда, не цепляет.
  EnIgMoZz2 (17 January 2016, 17:23)  
Wow, you ain't messing about. Doing a large-scale crossover in a 3D environment was actually one of the things on my to-do-list (and why I originally attempted to create a 3D city in After Effects in my No Sympathy video). But wow, props to you for being tenacious enough to actually execute the idea.

I'm sure you spent a lot of time on this--especially the masking--and I give A+ for effort. But in terms of technicalities, it's sloppy and the "un-refinedness" of it is regrettable, considering the time you already invested in it--and it's what's stopping me from watching the full video. Even though I wanted to be the first one to do it lol, i'll still be making mine, but I'm doing what you should have done: being patient (i've already left the idea on hold for like 2-3 years now, and the production around over a year) so i can develop the proper skills to have the result be worth the time investment.
  Nanuk (17 January 2016, 17:18)  
Okay, I think it's only fair for you to know what I think about your video. Here are my scores: 8 for Artistic, 10 for Technical, 8 for Music/Video and 9 for Personal. Let me explain each one briefly:

The concept was amazing! I've never even imagined something like this could actually have been made purely out of editing, and you made it possible! You even made a battlefield, what the heck?! Why the 8/10 then? I'm sorry, this is completely subjective, but I personally hate cgi, and taking into account that it looks like if the battlefield was extracted from the Nintendo 64, and that I'm a person that seeks high definition quality, this dissapoints me a bit. But man... You actaully went through all the trouble to make something like this! I feel bad for not giving you straight 10's! The textures were also a bit too polygonal, and when you crossed all of those main characters over to the battlefuield, I saw a bit of quality loss, specially in the movements of the, let's call them, monsters. But overall, you deserve at least an 8/10, out of pure subjectiveness.

The technique was incredible, nothing much to say here. You build up your own world and played with it like if it were a video game, so 10/10 there. Nothing I can actually tell you off for in this category, since it's both original and I know that it took you a lot of time and effort. I could mention a few things concerning the editing, but I think that's more relevant in the artistic part instead of the technical, since what you were trying to transmit is more related with the artistic point of view.

Now, my lack of interest for the song and the synchronization of all the moving elements makes me feel a bit unpleased, I really think the song (although I dind't like it too much) had a few moments that could have made the composition explode. Like for example, the final hit on the Boss monster could have been a bit more epic (the character looks like she's walking on air) and could have mixed with a drop, or something of the sort. But you did a decent job, so thumbs up there!

And finally, my personal enjoyment was almost 10/10 if it weren't for the subjective points I've mentioned earlier. You know, the cgi, the polygonal textures, lack of expression... But I still enjoyed watching this video a lot! So there goes my 9/10.

Over all, you get a 8.8, and I wish you the best of luck! I hope you become finalist, since the effort put into this should be compensated likewise! I look forward to seeing more AMV's from you in the future!
  Unlucky Artist (17 January 2016, 17:05)  
The crossover of the cgi with anime was actually pretty impressive and I liked the heroine theme. I think I see the symbolism but a more realistic battlefield (like somewhere on Earth fighting aliens) would've served it better imo
  Fynjy (17 January 2016, 16:32)  
надо было назвать "кратер шакала".

i think you need to start using curves, also try to improve animation and texturing for your next video. i respect your effort, good luck.
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