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AMVs Gimenez  [ AMVs Gimenez ]
Location:Buenos Aires, Argentina
Video: Various [ Isshukan Friends, Yama no Susume, B Gata H Kei, Ano Natsu de Matteru, Plastic Memories, Chunibyo Demo Koi ga Shitai!, The IDOLM@STER ]
Audio: Anatomy - Mountains
Genre: Sentimental, Romance, Story
Length: 4:03
Added: 16.01.2016
Viewed: 25757
Author's Commentary
Hello everyone, hope you are have a great day.
Well I present this video called "Nurtesil". I really enjoyed this great project, because I put a one amount of many things the video.
My first time I make a genre as "History" (which I think is fine) and I really am very glad you did for the first time this great "Genre" was a great experience to do this kind of "Gender" that for me it was difficult, because I had several ideas and I could not decide, was very confused.
Anyway it's one of my major projects from my point of view, also including my project "Lairus".
A very quiet and relaxing music actually sing 2 people. This music fits very well in the "AMV".
A special thanks "Kuruta" and hope you enjoy the video as much as me, greetings.
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Viewers Comments (total: 23)
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  kuruta (12 November 2016, 06:43)  
la historia es original , falta mejorar las partes rápidas , pero hay talento , el sentimiento esta ahí y la atmósfera también , te tengo mucha fe para los próximos proyectos.
  DEDninja (13 March 2016, 20:41)  
Милая, приятная работа. Хоть и слабо обыграная, но впечатления хорошие после просмотра. Успехов автору!
Мои 6.5/10
  Kvant (03 March 2016, 12:43)  
М\В - классное. Простенькая лав-стори. Как визуалка смотрится приятно.

Added (after 3 min. and 3 sec.):

» 777lexa777:
без изюминки
Пожалуй что да.
Был бы Я Девиантом сказал бы что не хватает что бы парень в конце убил, расчленил и съел девушку... но, пожалуй, постесняюсь^^
  Cenit (06 Febuary 2016, 17:34)  
Great work!
  AMVs Gimenez (03 Febuary 2016, 03:43)  
» KEN13
Anyway, thanks for the opinion
  KEN13 (02 Febuary 2016, 19:56)  
Кое как дотянул до 4-ой минуты. Спасибо вышло хорошо, но скучновато.
  AMVs Gimenez (02 Febuary 2016, 16:06)  
» 4x4ezequi

Ojala eso espero, gracias eze :)

Added (after 2 min. and 50 sec.):

» Armed

Thanks :smile:
  Armed (02 Febuary 2016, 14:50)  
Понравилось м/в. :smile: 7.5
  AnimeFanaticBoy (01 Febuary 2016, 22:40)  
Que raro que mi comentario no se habia publicado
En fin: se ve la influencia de kuruta aqui, pero hay elementos que trabajar todavia en el futuro
  4x4ezequi (01 Febuary 2016, 20:05)  
+ 7 capo espero que tengas suerte
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