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Ðяaga  [ Draga ]
Location:Paris, France
Video: Various [ Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru, Shinmai Maou no Testament, Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate, Hyouka, High School of the Dead, Gin no Saji, Gundam Build Fighters Try, Clannad ]
Audio: EDEN - Wake Up
Genre: Sentimental, Character Profile
Length: 2:42
Added: 16.01.2016
Viewed: 29909
Author's Commentary
"What was that sheet of paper?"

Alternative Version = 60 fps

*I don't have a team/studio , AMV Tunisia is a community (I just wanted to make that clear).

Yo! Here is my first Akross AMV (yeah I did a GMV before xD)

I apologize for the long intro , the clip was supposed to have two more minutes...I spend a week on the first minute then I dropped the project , lazyness is OP , can't do anything about it ^^ , in the end I changed my mind and finished the rest in a day (the last day before the deadline) so the result is...(I feel like I will be killed before the end of the Akross xD) I just didn't want to throw what I have already done :D
I am bad with color corrections so I tried to use colors in my own way and this is what happened...otherwise the story is rather simple :)

Anyway , I think i have said too much things for an AMV like this one ,it's too bad that I couldn't work properly on the video but I tried to keep my original idea even if I rushed the second part a lot (the one day marathon...)

Special thanks to Kazeshin and Lightningarrow , I think without them I would have never done a non-IC min (the first minute...) yeah it's a miracle for me...

PS1 : 02:18 AE is completly trolling me , I used trapcode...too late for a re-render...-_-'
PS2 : This may be my last AMV , though I just put a "sum up" of the main description , the book will be released on Youtube.
PS3 : I hope you are bad at japanese , I only know how to read/write hiragana and katakana , therefore google was my biggest friend :D
PS4 : I don't have a PS4 T_T
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Viewers Comments (total: 34)
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  Draga (26 January 2016, 16:32)  
@Akito Thanks a lot <3

@777lexa777 mathematics again...:/

@MrNosec it doesn't seem , IT IS extremely rushed hahaha , thanks a lot :)
  MrNosec (26 January 2016, 16:26)  
Nice idea but it seems a little rushed, even though my personal preference is influencing the way I judge your work, I thought it was different, and that's more than you can say about most from Akross 2015.
Good luck!
  777lexa777 (26 January 2016, 11:51)  
  Akito - Neto (26 January 2016, 02:31)  
Good tech. :inlove:
  Draga (25 January 2016, 19:01)  
@Nanuk glad to see that ^^ thanks !

@MikuriAki yeah since it's uncomplete...thanks though^^

@leolide I just see you banging everything here haha , thanks :)

@Mesogear I didn't really understand with google translation but thanks^^

@Axiles thank you !

@JuanCarlosdm95 hahaha , thanks , it means a lot :D

@Strat thank a lot bro !

@Хлебушек what?? your text remind me mathematics...xD

@ICEberg yeahh rather complex^^ , thanks !!

@SyndromAMV hahahaha i need one too^^ , thanks a lot !!! :D

@Zuuki genre je suis habitué à faire des clips stylés...sacré Benjamin^^ , le clip est limite un IC donc oué tu as peut-être raison ^^ , merci pour le com' :)

@antaresheart07 thanks a lot Chiara !!! <3

@AnimeFanaticBoy hahaha this is legit , i've said many times that I am gonna quit but each time I come back even more active...xD , though this time...:/

@S.A Robert I can understand^^ but thanks anyway ^^

@Kurosaki D hahaha I wish I was the best :D , thanks a lot man like usual , and yeah sorry for the "errors" :p

@C-Strelok LOL , I think the story is obvious even without the text , I don't see how it can be more obvious than this , maybe the background colors aren't that clear but the rest...but If that's what you think then I respect your opinion , thanks anyway xD

@henius what's wrong with my masks? :D

@nivekov123 you are trolling again...^^ , but who knows...maybe? :D

@Domius hahaha sad that's the point but weird I dunno ^^ thanks though :)
  Domius (25 January 2016, 17:53)  
It's very weird and sad O:
  nivekov123 (25 January 2016, 16:13)> yeah
have you?
  henius (25 January 2016, 15:18)  
what the fuck with mask's LOL
  C-Strelok (25 January 2016, 09:03)  
Фигня на палочке. История непонятная. Конец обрубленный.
  Kurosaki D (25 January 2016, 07:27)  
Ohh Draga! bro it is cool you are the best (? some error you know, but is good :3
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