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UnluckyArtist  [ Unlucky Artist ]
Страна:Dallas, США
Видео: Микс [ Paprika, Millennium Actress, Perfect Blue, Paranoia Agent, Ani-Kuri 15, Tokyo Godfathers ]
Музыка: Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
Жанр: Drama, Psychedelic
Время: 3:07
Добавлен: 07.01.2017
Просмотров: 31153
Комментарий автора
Hello world, this is rather hard for me to explain but it's inspired by Satoshi Kon, Film, the REM sleep cycle and Inspiration itself.
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 23)
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  krosha (19 марта 2017, 18:08)    
Любимы трек, любимый исполнитель...
Конечно, в психоделе о сюжете и речи нет, но для драмы нужен хоть чутка. в Общем в жанры не попали..
Пойду пересмотрю оригинальный клип...
  _SONY_ (08 марта 2017, 10:19)    
не понятная работа
  InsanitySupporter (29 января 2017, 02:55)     
This has a trippy retro vibe, as if I was smoking weed at a night club during the 90's.
  MetL storm (18 января 2017, 15:09)     
I love this song, this video I also liked. I did not like the chimes at the end. In general, very good.
  PieandBeer (18 января 2017, 05:29)       
really nice really nice but i wanted to also see the french bulldog with a pizza slice. the song is not complete without it. please and thank
  ICEberg (17 января 2017, 19:26)     
где здесь драма?
где здесь психодел?
недостаточно сюжета
недостаточно безумия
  Iren S.S. (17 января 2017, 18:34)      
Oh hey, I once delivered a speech about hypnic jerks, so this whole REM sleep thing is sooo familiar :D Nice atmosphere, although I think that the song could have been a bit subtler. But anyways, nice trubute to Kon, it's always great to see people appreciating his art :) Good luck!
  AiaSnTropeaS (16 января 2017, 17:55)     
this was pretty amazing :inlove: 8.2/10
  Unlucky Artist (15 января 2017, 22:24)      
I'm glad most of you find it intriguing.. as I said this was influenced by film, that includes this particular scene from the newest X-men movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LIcOFvWqjk&t=18s in fact if it wasn't for that scene and me not having just watched Millennium Actress this vid wouldn't have happened as I was having a hard time just coming up with an idea :tongue:
  Leegf (15 января 2017, 15:18)    
Wow. Peculiar and interesting.
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