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mittoh!  [ mittoh! ]
Страна:London, Англия
Видео: Gatchaman Crowds
Музыка: Miracle of Sound - Get the Gang Back
Жанр: Action
Время: 3:19
Добавлен: 10.01.2017
Просмотров: 19069
Комментарий автора
The first time i heard this song i was reminded of the old school 'power rangers' type shows, (known as super sentai in japan) and tried to channel that spirit into this while i put it together over Christmas.
Not particularly outstanding, had quite a few issues in production but decided it was better to release it than not. Hope you enjoy.
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 15)
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  ICEberg (17 января 2017, 17:48)     
мясо с мехами
просто честное красочное мясо с мехами
  Leegf (17 января 2017, 10:34)    
I think the first half is slightly better than the second one. 2:17-2:25 scene feels like out of place.
Great combination of the song and this source here.
Oh, and... the credits are just... ehm... astonishing.
  Rider4Z (17 января 2017, 09:50)      
Transitioning tools are obvious but storytelling is on point. :agree:
  PieandBeer (17 января 2017, 06:17)       
looove this source this was cute af and had a great mood. really represented the source. also those credits are amazing
  leolide (17 января 2017, 06:03)      
10/10 would bang fam :cool:
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