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Location:Camaguey, Cuba
Video: Attack on Titan
Audio: Dangerkids - We're All in Danger
Genre: Action
Length: 3:23
Added: 30.12.2017
Viewed: 3805
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Viewers Comments (total: 17)
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  Megamen (23 January 2018, 10:27)     
Хватит орать на меня.
  ICEberg (21 January 2018, 15:17)     
недопиленные маски

  leolide (17 January 2018, 07:32)      
no vhs
  777lexa777 (16 January 2018, 22:42)     
динамика классная местами. НОООО... много мест где динамики маловато или наоборот много.
будто автор сделал нарезку, а потом пытался подогнать под аудио, а на половине трека, а дайка я маски повтыкаю.
не плохо в общем, но ооочень сыро.
  Death_Kn1ght (10 January 2018, 02:44)      
Динамика очень хорошо отыграна. Но всё, что связано с масками - выглядит крайне инородно и всё портит.
  Kvant (09 January 2018, 08:11)     
Очередная муть на Attack on Titan :sad: От подобного употребления данного исходника в АМВ уже тошнит. Автор пытался разбавлять свой тупоэкшен какими-то стилистическими фишками, но общей погоды это не сделало. Не досмотрел...
  Bea$t (08 January 2018, 17:12)      
It was pretty fun to watch but the title is really bad and most of the manga sequences look out of place and they aren't look good either. You should be sticking with just synching music and video and put aside all this useless effects. Overall nice effort but you need to impove so much.
  AMVMIMO (08 January 2018, 05:50)    
I love this style.But I think you should be able to do better.
  PieandBeer (06 January 2018, 22:41)       
this was pretty cool! pretty interesting and unique visuals. i would say that the choruses were a bit slower than the verses despite the faster music which was a bit distracting. also the mikasa fan art with the red/blue glitch effect clashed with the dark and gritty aesthetic of the rest of the video. i really liked the use of the manga, like it was the perfect amount at the right moments and the art style wasn't too distracting. nice job! i look forward to seeing more from you!
  Axiles (06 January 2018, 22:26)    
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