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iSynister  [ iSynister ]
Страна:Tangerang, Индонезия
Видео: Микс [ Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, The Melancholy of Haruki Suzumiya, Zankyou no Terror ]
Музыка: Nightcall feat. Dreamhour - Dead V (Vocal Version)
Жанр: Drama
Время: 4:06
Добавлен: 07.01.2018
Просмотров: 16843
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 79)
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  xlipazamv (30 января 2018, 23:44)  
what is wrong with this voting? is it illegal if he promotes his amv to his friend to give him a little time to vote on him?
  iSynister (30 января 2018, 23:23)  
no .. i am not proud really .. idk why my vote is going like this tho .. so just trust with the best decision guys .. sorry if it made you disturbed
  EvilSpider (30 января 2018, 22:59)  
» antaresheart07:
where is evilspider? is this best friend awards or viewers choice?
No need to worry, really. Every single year there's somebody who tries to brute force one or the other viewers' voting, and fails miserably to our awesome "user level" system.
  Hikikom0ri (30 января 2018, 22:49)  

Dude, you almost have more votes in viewers choice — UHASDHdsa — than in the video's rating. UHASHDUSADduhasd
Have the Olympics Games started?
  Kroner (30 января 2018, 22:20)  
come on dude!!!! don't you have some old grandparents or cousins left? some trained parrots? Go out of the underground and propose free hugs for a vote.....Please do it!!!!!

It's a shame I couldn't vote for best fun here, you totally did it!
  buggy (30 января 2018, 22:00)  
you can still do it man! don't give up! there's still time. but you gotta go faster then sonic
poop out some new accounts, this can still be achieved!
  antaresheart07 (30 января 2018, 21:57)  
where is evilspider? is this best friend awards or viewers choice? :laugh:
  mittoh! (30 января 2018, 21:17)  
I hope you are proud of botting your way to the top place of a competition based purely on community trust. :sad:

I'd consider your video good if it wasn't for the fact that you've gotten to first place with a disproportionate amount of votes from very fresh accounts. :sad: :sad:

rip crossovers
no vhs
  Lampianna (30 января 2018, 20:52)  
And best friends award goes to... :))
  iFrost (30 января 2018, 17:52)  
this so gud :inlove:
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