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vontoki  [ vontoki ]
Страна:Guangzhou, Китай
Студия:Towiko MAD Team
Видео: Микс [ Cowboy Bebop, Lupin the Third, Black Lagoon, Gunsmith Cats, Beck, Macross Frontier, Macross 30, City Hunter, Perfect Blue, Your Lie in April, Tamako Market, K-On!, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ]
Музыка: MACROSS 82-99 - 『82.99 F.M』
Жанр: Fun, Romance, Dance
Время: 2:32
Добавлен: 09.01.2018
Просмотров: 8473
Комментарий автора
Let's have a highway funky driving

走啊 宇宙蹦迪啊。
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 43)
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  PuddingSang (31 января 2018, 05:08)    
 Привет, я - PuddingSang, мой любимый vontoki!!!vontoki Давай !!!
PS: Я использую  Baidu  перевод ,if my Russian is not cool,please forgive me,I love Битва  народов !!!I am your Chinese neighbor! :laugh:
  vontoki (30 января 2018, 17:33)    
» Nards
wow!! good luck for you too !! i was so excited by your work!

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» ziiOVOiiz
» ziiOVOiiz:
  Mage_Elminster (30 января 2018, 17:11)    
Я помню чудное мгновенье…
  ziiOVOiiz (30 января 2018, 16:43)    
I’m so in luv with this MAD!!! good luck my cool girl~! ♥️♥️
  ameyo (30 января 2018, 16:10)    
:lol: :lol: :lol:
  alittlebitbig (30 января 2018, 15:02)    
Just dance please!!Dancing is that only thing you need to do!!! And love you ,shabi von!!
  KAGAMI000 (30 января 2018, 14:50)    
  Ghostcat_Nemo (30 января 2018, 12:33)    
really funky, awesome work 10/10 :inlove:
  vontoki (29 января 2018, 15:38)    
» Mol
ye, like the lyrics of that song, the girl once said: i hope you can find me.
when the boy realized that girl, the girl just left him, so " those boys " will understand the feeling of losing.
  MycathatesyouAMV (29 января 2018, 06:17)     
Cool theme, and I really enjoy the first minute or so of this. I think you could have gone w/o some of the animes that don't mesh as well in my opinion, such as Karas or that one terrorist anime. While the text looked cool at some points, other times it stuck out too much, and felt like a different font choice or better blending would have helped it.
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