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HQ  [ YawnHQ ]
Страна:Chengdu, Китай
Видео: Микс [ Kekkai Sensen, Fate/Zero, Kuyokai no Kanata, Aldnoah.Zero ]
Музыка: Dorothy - Missile
Жанр: Fun
Время: 2:14
Добавлен: 11.01.2018
Просмотров: 7650
Комментарий автора
This is my first AMV on AK.I am not good at editing AMV and have never tried this style before.not skilled so I have to give up many ideas.Hope U can like it.
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 23)
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  Axiles (22 января 2018, 13:11)  
8.5/10 сильная техникиа
  Whiterock (21 января 2018, 23:47)  
This is kind of... confusing. Surprisingly that's what makes it fun. The "Wtf is going on" kind of feeling. However AMV turned out to be more of Action genre than Fun.

But I have to say that the flow of music and video are well done. However what ruins the story flow is usage of big amount of characters, because they end up serving no purpose. I think you should have focused on action scenes between a smaller set of characters or follow some made-up story. With the way you pick scenes to fit the music - you could make some good Action or Dance AMV.
  Unlucky Artist (21 января 2018, 20:07)  
I thought it was fun, In fact it's even more fun because of all the people who can't see why it's so fun. It almost seems like it was made with that in mind, so it's making fun of you for not understanding the fun.
  PieandBeer (21 января 2018, 19:50)  
ohhh this has nice sync +A+ i feel like it could have been just a tad faster with the zooms and the text could have been a bit more integrated into the vid but nice job! it has a real cool mood and some nice scene selection moments
  buggy (21 января 2018, 18:42)  
» YawnHQ
make whatever you like man. don't try to impress anyone
  YawnHQ (21 января 2018, 18:21)  
omg,I get really confused cuz I totally don't know Rus.sorry 4 my poor EN I didn't think out a correct word 2 describe my AMV so I choose FUN genre cuz I cannot leave the sheet blank.Anyway all I want is you like my work so sorry you think it not Fun cuz I don't really mean that it's that FUN or cover any interesting jokes.Im so sorry if you really mind it T_T.maybe next time I can try harder 2 make my AMV more FUN as you like
  leolide (21 января 2018, 17:39)  
  T.K. (21 января 2018, 17:02)  
Переходы великолепны,но вот жанр "FUN"... вероятно приколы были столь сложными что я не заметил((9(
  ICEberg (21 января 2018, 15:41)  
экшен же
каким местом тут фан?
  KSANDR (21 января 2018, 15:26)  
в каком месте это фан? был только один забавный момент, когда чувак спрашивает: "What?"
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