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Daniil Parthenis  [ danparthenis ]
Location:Athens, Greece
Studio:EtoJeAMV Team
Video: Afro Samurai, Sword of the Stranger
Audio: 2Pac ft. Kurupt - Still Ballin (2Scratch Remix)
Genre: Action
Length: 1:46
Added: 12.01.2018
Viewed: 6196
Author's Commentary
Simple concept really I just really wanted to enter as this might be my last Akross con, I love the song and love these two anime, I thought they fit well together.
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Viewers Comments (total: 17)
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  Bea$t (24 January 2018, 17:50)  
Ну вот как всегда, более-менее годный клип вырисовывался, и уже конец :sad: А трека там на 4 минуты, автор лентяй, ящитаю :critic:
А в остальном - симпатично вышло, местами конечно каша и не хватало 60фпс, но м/в тащит и синхра в целом на месте.
  Kensei moumato (23 January 2018, 20:04)  
I kike it ! :wink:

  Megamen (23 January 2018, 13:04)  
Чеченцы бы так же рэповали как нигры.

Был бы в них минимальный смысл.
  Kvant (22 January 2018, 23:15)  
А что... м/в даже, потенциальное :biggrin: Жаль его не вытянули ни разу. Даже простенькую синхру автор утерял где-то в кашице своего рандома. Но некоторый "атмосферный замах" в клипе всё же присутствует...
  ICEberg (21 January 2018, 10:24)  

на быстрых сценах слишком медленная музыка
сюжет не обнаружен
  777lexa777 (17 January 2018, 20:19)  
а мне понравилось)
анимех про самураев мало а такой годной нарезки еше меньше.
  EnIgMoZz2 (16 January 2018, 20:40)  
» danparthenis
Haha, no.

I'm not talking about the weapon (katana). Talking about the instrument in the song, my nigga, haha. Like, something I said back in Akross 2013, was that the purpose of a "music video" should be for the video to represent the music. Now, if we had traditional Japanese instruments/music, I feel samurai anime (a form of visual representation of traditional Japan) is indeed very fitting.

For example:

yeah, we have traditional Indian instrument in this song. So, i feel maybe you were unable to tell apart traditional indian instrumentals with traditional japanese instrumentals. It's not a problem, at all. Both are Asian countries with long, rich histories so it's fine to make these mistakes, haha.
  danparthenis (16 January 2018, 00:35)  
» EnIgMoZz2

hmm I never assumed anything, I had a feeling it looked different from a katana, I just thought these guys would make good rivals as swordsmen ;D but thanks for the info, and yeah we do indeed
  EnIgMoZz2 (15 January 2018, 23:28)  
hmmmmmmmmm well bro i see u used samurai animes, but that instrument is a sitar. its an indian instrument. i think you mistook it for a traditional japanese instrument, hence your use of traditional japanese warrior animes, haha. we need more ancient indian warrior animes i guess.
  Death_Kn1ght (15 January 2018, 23:22)  
Слишком одинаково и однородно работа смотрится , из-за чего не цепляет, увы
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