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buggy  [ buggy ]
Страна:Bucharest, Румыния
Студия:Indigo Team
Видео: Koe no Katachi
Музыка: Jarryd James - Do You Remember
Жанр: Drama
Время: 2:23
Добавлен: 13.01.2018
Просмотров: 22827
Комментарий автора
Watch the alternative version please. The sync is a bit messed up in the standard version.
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 48)
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  kuruta (31 января 2018, 20:06)  
One of bests video of the contest. Cool story and dramatic. I dont like the head of "Punpun", It looks weird in many scenes and the effects are not entirely original :sad:
even so the video is good and deserves to be recognized :wink:
  irriadin (31 января 2018, 01:59)  
Excellent pacing, great atmosphere, and interesting effect work. I loved your use of hard cuts. The story of it is less developed than I would like, and the abstract imagery didn't allow me to fill in much additional detail in my head, but that didn't stop me from enjoying this video a lot. Great job!
  Kazumoe (31 января 2018, 01:51)  
call me when you made up your mind.. but you wont
  Milky Way (30 января 2018, 10:42)  
очень классно...трек немного скучноватый,но этот никак не отобразилось на самом клипе. Чувства героев переданы,атмосфера есть...хороший клип)10/10
  Arrow (29 января 2018, 18:03)  
im proud of you
  maple leaf (29 января 2018, 18:02)  
I like this despite of some of the effects used could get more refined, but overall it's authentic and it shows a lots of your character, a perfect balance of mystical and artistic at the same time.

  buggy (28 января 2018, 18:00)  
» PieandBeer
Punpun is one of my favorite mangas too that's why i used it:))
  PieandBeer (28 января 2018, 17:47)  
» buggy
i get what you were going for i just wish it was a design of your own for the demon, especially if you're putting that much effort into the effects.

the design you used from Punpun felt tacked on and basically just took the meaning from the manga without any change. so basically it felt like to me "hey i like this design it's mine now" when honestly any other demon design could have done the same job. not a major detractor at all, just a comment. Punpun is one of my fave mangas so i'm probably too sensitive about it ;)
  buggy (28 января 2018, 16:57)  
» PieandBeer
i don't know, that demon like head seemed to fit pretty good for me since he died and the girl sees him like that which messes up with her mind. don't forget the amv is called delusion:))
but i guess each to their own taste
  PieandBeer (27 января 2018, 21:25)  
the punpun visual references were distracting i feel like you could have used your own design for that idea instead of just ripping it but overall it was really pretty +A+ great mood and song choice
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