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buggy  [ buggy ]
Страна:Bucharest, Румыния
Студия:Indigo Team
Видео: Koe no Katachi
Музыка: Jarryd James - Do You Remember
Жанр: Drama
Время: 2:23
Добавлен: 13.01.2018
Просмотров: 20836
Комментарий автора
Watch the alternative version please. The sync is a bit messed up in the standard version.
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 48)
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  ThalesEditions (27 января 2018, 17:48)  
Extreme Originality, Visual, Concept and "History".
9/10 - Loved your project, I hope be the winner.
  Axiles (27 января 2018, 14:24)  
  Fynjy (27 января 2018, 13:23)  
Клево, наполнение прочувствовал, понравилось.
  EnIgMoZz2 (27 января 2018, 12:58)  
When watching a video like this where the style is very hard cuts between practically still shots, my scrutiny towards flow gets a lot higher and some of your cuts just didn't flow at all. Also, the fractal noise part, could have been nice but you executed it with amateur level position animation so I can't really appreciate it.

Good attempt at being creative and intelligent, though.

Also I like the eyes appearing in intervals. Though I'm not interested enough in the story to infer if your positioning of those cuts was sensible. I'm sure it was
  leolide (27 января 2018, 02:38)  
no vhs
  buggy (27 января 2018, 01:42)  
» Miso
thanks! finally someone who paid attention and saw beyond the image.
well, i don't know what you're seeing at 0:15, that's just how the animation is. i haven't messed with it
  Miso (27 января 2018, 01:16)  
I was so looking foward about it what you´ll show us...and well I am totally happy with your creation. It´s as always so novel and inventiv...!
When I saw your video the second time, I clearly anderstood your Storytelling...
For me it´s more a sentimental and a Drama AMV...from the beginning till the end. Very sad, that you didn´t use few happy scenes of their time together...never mind.
I think you have created a nice Video with nice smootht effects and you didn´t overloaded those...so you kept the special mood in connection with the song...
Everythink fits together perfectly! :tu:
One of my favs...Good Luck ; )

Only one scene looks bit curious, at 0:15 the hold hands...I can see inside them another holding hands (think it´s hers..?!) I noticed it at first time...maybe you check this out...or my eyes play a trick. xD
  ICEberg (26 января 2018, 23:57)  
максимум мелодрама
попытка мистики была лишней
не мое
  Лисёнок-тян (26 января 2018, 22:16)  
  Nicokun (26 января 2018, 22:04)  
» Kroner:
mmmmm, idea wasn't even bad, but why this anime? I didn't really like how it fit with what it was showed. That song interruption in the middle was strange and too strong imho. Also I found it a bit slow, not cause of sync but cause of the staticity of the clips. Ofc this is still not bad, but there were several things that I didn't like, so I didn't enjoyed as I wish
we could call it a delusion
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