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Miso  [ Miso ]
Страна:Linz, Австрия
Видео: Mawaru Penguindrum
Музыка: The Toxic Avenger - Luna
Жанр: Drama, Sentimental, Character Pofile
Время: 3:20
Добавлен: 29.11.2018
Просмотров: 5138
Комментарий автора
Some facts ... about this AMV, so if you aren´t interested to read my shit/facts/minds about this creation ... then IGNORE it now! ; )

This time it was very intense for me to work on this work ... also because of the topic of the anime (which I've seen only a few months ago), the story was very under the skin. It's about fighting for what's important and above all, the term "fate" is mentioned more often ... it had such a "depth" that I was incredibly tied up, and decided to take this Anime ...

Accordingly, I wanted to edit an AMV, which seems mystical ... a kind of "destiny/fortune video" .. that's why my AMV title so named. That means, with a corresponding song, visual optics, and symbols/elements such as in the beginning the flower portals ... and the whole cut ... with all this, I wanted to unfold this appropriate mood, maybe that sounds something strange for some but ... well ^^ It tooks time to implement all this ... This is about two people who are somehow fatefully connected in many ways and try to fight against what they could tear apart, even death. And their omnipresent observer and companion the invisible "fate".
And somehow the Seele and Nerv unit has its finger in the game :)

Would you be willing to fight for a person that is important to you ... even if it seems to you hopeless and wears you down?
I'm very satisfied with the result myself ... hope you like it too. END
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 39)
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  Kroner (20 января 2019, 03:09)  
» Miso
Dude there are always things to change, nothing is perfect. This doesn’t mean I didn’t like the vid, I did as I said, as I said probably one of the biggest compliment I could say to an amv editor, don’t take critics like that, that’s my point, you can skip it or take it but suggestions/critics are here to make us grow so u should take them and think about the reason someone said that
  reice (20 января 2019, 03:07)  
miso :cool:
:cool: AMV

  kebenaj (20 января 2019, 02:05)  
купился на «too slow video», не увидел ни «too», ни «slow», зато есть дурацкая ровная ПОБИТОВКА. сюжет не оценил, ибо тормоз (автор пишет одно, я вижу что-то про духовную поддержку пацана в коме). плохо
  MesoGear (20 января 2019, 00:34)  
Пингвин здесь явно лишний.
  axonjunior (19 января 2019, 23:39)  
Too slow video, as usual :shuffle:
  Miso (19 января 2019, 23:14)  
» Kroner:
Well, thx for your meaning and your time. I thought you were criticizing something like that.But ...I must correct you, cuz these aren´t "mistakes" why?
1. the beginning: it shouldn´t tracking exactly, cuz there are "PORTALS". And if you would know it, if someone look inside the portals,then the thing behind them is moving different...so, yes this was my intention : )
2. also your critic relating to my contrast, camera movements and CC... these weren´t strange/dirty.. I wouldn´t change anything, never! It has become EXACTLY what it should be... and what I wanted.
ok...if you say something like, "that´s not my flavour, I would do it differently" .... I know it´s not perfect. Many have various imaginations to create their amvs...

A general suggestion:
at first we should try to enjoy an AMV, to let influence at us, from the beginning till the end. IF YOU FOCUS TOO MUCH ON FAILS, then it loses its atmosphere or else.
second, now say what you personally woud change...but try to differentiate ... and don´t make things as a "mistake" because you don´t like it.
That´s my AMV - Code of honor!^^

» Fynjy:
Качественно, драматично, своеобразно, интересное настроение. Понравилось, даже немного зацепило.
thanks, I feel honored to read that from you...yeaah

» dumtumdum:
thx dumtumdum^^

» FT AMVs:
thx, I´m glad about it
  Kottai (19 января 2019, 22:45)  
This edit is awesome!! Enjoyed the AMV from the beggining to the end <3 Great job
  Death_Kn1ght (19 января 2019, 22:40)  
Простите, но во многом выглядит как попытка все свои незнания и недочёты спрятать за эффортом. Не хватает сцен, не могу выстроить повествование, не умею с камерой, м/в не торт - пофиг, налеплю ЦК, Масок, Фифексов. Вот за всем этим как-то тупо забыто, что в первую очередь работа должна просто нравится зрителю, а не быть мейкинг-офом для самой себя чтобы шарящие заценили старания.
Работа хорошая, на 8/10, что я и поставил. Но надо как-то больше в душу и меньше в грязь...
UPD: Даже на постере какой-то как минимум странный Glow под словом AKROSS и под ником автора. Хотя может я не шарю.
  TheCacoVenom (19 января 2019, 22:16)  
I saw a great effort from the beggining to the end, it looks like you were getting better while you were editting it,
  FT AMVs (19 января 2019, 21:04)  
Nice Job!
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