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SmallBlack  [ SmallBlack ]
Location:Zhejiang, China
Video: My Hero Academia
Audio: Tommee Profitt (feat. Jung Youth & Fleurie) - In the End
Genre: Action, Story, Character Profile
Length: 2:09
Added: 13.12.2018
Viewed: 4287
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Viewers Comments (total: 24)
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  SmallBlack (22 December 2018, 06:03)  
I know this work is very bad, and there are many shortcomings. Music may be particularly bad in this aspect, but it is a pity that it has not been liked by everyone. Editing is my interest, so I will not give up and continue to work hard :smile:
  iMCoach (22 December 2018, 04:20)  
You tried a lot of stuff here, it's not going to be the worst video of the contest I'll tell you that much. Just keep on testing things and having fun I'll be keeping my eye out.
  Death_Kn1ght (21 December 2018, 13:53)  
Экшен сонительной засинхренности. В плане трека - не знаю, что его все так хвалят, этим пацанчикам до Шиноды и Бенингтона еще расти и расти.
  okhostok (21 December 2018, 05:48)  
I liked the video a lot. Especially the lipsync part with optical flow. You did very interesting video. Good luck in future.
  Mari Friederich (21 December 2018, 01:39)  
this song is amazing and you knew how to respect the rhythm (even though it has been annoying me a little bit). You should've cut the song more smoothly though. The video can also transmit a very interesting feeling, well done with that.
  Axiles (21 December 2018, 01:24)  
  Ellafaessa (20 December 2018, 23:43)  
азаза) песня пошла по инету, снова обрезанная и при том не очень хорошо. клип необычный, на 5 есть))) но, автор, ритма ноль в клипе, увы
  `ZeRo (20 December 2018, 21:13)  
Синхра странная, пол клипа статика, и что єто за Numinous в начале?.
  Nicokun (20 December 2018, 20:56)  
  MesoGear (20 December 2018, 20:21)  
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