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Mari  [ Mari Friederich ]
Location:Curitiba, Brazil
Video: Ao Haru Ride
Audio: She - Closer Together
Genre: Romance
Length: 2:40
Added: 15.12.2018
Viewed: 9366
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  NIGHT (13 January 2019, 00:07)  
Широкоформатное видео, разбитое на такие пиксели, очень плохо смотрится.
00:31, 00:32-00:34, 00:36-00:38 и т.п.
Это не выглядит как 8/16-битная игра начала 90-х, это выглядит как кривые руки автора клипа.
  TheCacoVenom (11 January 2019, 22:00)  
I would love to play your game, you are futuba i am Kou, :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: great job i love it
  Лисёнок-тян (10 January 2019, 22:21)  
необычно) 7/10
  GoldenThunder (06 January 2019, 20:43)  
The pixelated TV logo bugs me a lot
  Kvant (02 January 2019, 07:22)  
Смотреть было интересно. Прикольно сделано. Замечательная стилизация, даже качество картинки "правильно убито." :smile: В общем-то, клип крут.
  Nekroz (27 December 2018, 19:52)  
Proud of you!
Brilliant execution with a touch of talent, incredible Mari!
It was a pleasure to follow the development of this amv!
  Radical Dream (27 December 2018, 10:59)  
Nice! And i have to appreciate the effort for the second time of this contest.

Despite the lack of dynamic (may be its irrelevant with this music, but im just a regular action lover, so yea) i liked every part.

Good luck!
  InsanitySupporter (27 December 2018, 00:06)  
It's a really good video, I think it needs some more dynamics so it matches the rhythm of the music better, but your visuals are incredibly well done and help convey the concept properly, you really took lots of details into account, good job!
  Disparies (26 December 2018, 21:30)  
Opa, Mari! Amei a ideia do formato de jogo que implementou no AMV, além de, ser limpo e com um roteiro harmonioso, coerente e de fácil entendimento teve uma boa atmosfera no geral. Desejo-te a melhor sorte que possa ter nesse Akross
  g4nzo (26 December 2018, 21:18)  
Muito bom mari, ideia genial, fazer um jogo no anime hahah quem esperava por essa, amei realmente mt bom, aplicação mt boa, sem grandes erros parabens <3
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